How to Hide Your Gifts Like Walter White

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kid opening christmas gift

This is a follow up post from our Black Friday post, you can check it out here.

Half the fun about the weeks leading up to Christmas Day is tearing the house apart to find your presents. It doesn't matter if you're 5 or 40 years old, looking for hidden gifts is just plain fun. We all know same boring places to hide gifts: the attic, car trunk, office, closet, friend's house, shed, basement, high spots, forbidden spots, kitchen etc.

Earlier this year marked the last episode of Breaking Bad. What many of you don't realize is that over the years, Walter has taught us how to successfully hide your belongings. He has also taught us how to cook meth and negotiate with drug dealers, but that 's for a later post. This post only focuses on hiding gifts!


Heating Vent

hidden storage heating vent

The heating vent was Walter's first hiding spot. I'm actually surprised no one takes advantage of this hiding spot more. Hiding small presents in the heating vent will prevent your kids from finding them because of the following reasons: One, they probably won't think to check the vents. Two, they don't have the tools to open it. Three, even if they do see it they can't reach it. 


Diaper Box

hidden storage diaper box

Remember when Walter went "missing" for a few days and he randomly threw his cash in the diaper box? Try putting your presents in places where they are in plain sight. You'd be surprised about how many people overlook the things that are right in front of them. Especially kids.



hidden storage barrel

If you have a barrel full of miscellaneous junk in your garage that no one looks at during the year. Hide your presents there. They will be either A, too scared to look what's lurking inside (bugs and spiders) or B, don't even remember that there's a barrel in the garage (remember the Diaper Box).



garage storage

Toward the later part of Breaking Bad, Walter hid his stack of cash inside the walls of the garage. You might have to reinstall part of the wall after Christmas, but hey, it was worth it. Just remember which part you put it in.


Storage Unit

storage unit

Remember when Walter had so much money that his car wash business couldn't launder it fast enough? Where did he stash the extra money? A storage unit. Storage units are awesome for many reasons. You can get climate controlled storage units to protect your gifts and there's a lock on it. That way you are the only one that has access to the insides.


Under The House

hidden storage crawl space

Unless your children regularly play hide and seek underneath the house, this would be the perfect place to hide your gifts. Regular people think of hiding things under beds or couches, Walter White goes the next level – Underneath the entire house.



hidden storage desert

This is the Ultimate Dedication. This is where Walter White hid 80 million dollars of hard earned drug money. If your kids are the best gift finders ever, I'm positive they will never find their gifts buried in the desert (unless you slip up). All you have to do is drive a few hours to the nearest desert, dig a hole in a random yet significant spot, and record the GPS coordinates. Simple.


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