Spring Cleaning Basics Part 1

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Spring Cleaning

Spring is here! More than 85% of American's go through Spring cleaning. Warmer weather and longer days trigger the cleaning itches.

This post will be split into two parts for convenience. Without further ado, let's get to it!

Clean Refrigerators


Cleaning a fridge can take some time, but it will be worth it. We have previously written a tutorial about how to do so, you can find that here

Clean Windows


Tackle dirty panes by using rubber-edged squeegees. The reason behind this is because they are quicker and more effective than cloth or newspaper.

Dust Light bulbs


These are often overlooked and should be wiped down during your spring cleaning routine. Gently unscrew the light bulbs and wipe them down with a dampened microfiber cloth. For the higher ceiling bulbs that are hard to reach, use a extending wool duster.

Wash Your Blinds


Spring-cleaning is all about cleaning those never cleaned places. Wiping wooden blinds with a just a few drops of wood cleaner once or twice a year can help prolong the life of them. Aluminum blinds can be washed outside with a hose. Be sure to dry the blinds thoroughly in order to prevent rust.

Restock Home Keeping Supplies


After you spring cleaning is done, make sure to restock for your next cleaning session. The basics include an all purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, specific products for problem stains and more!

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