Great Home Christmas Lighting Tips

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Outdoor Christmas lighting can be a spectacular addition and really bring your home alive for the festive period. Of course, getting it right is the big thing. Fortunately, we have a number of tips that will help ensure your lighting looks fantastic



Caution First

When installing exterior lights be sure that you use a good ladder or perhaps even go as far as using a quality access hire solution. Secure the lights with insulated holders and also be sure that they are well away from power lines. Before you begin putting the lights up, be certain the lights are working and that there are no problems. Also, before you go to bed each night turn them off.


Proper Outlet

Using a proper outlet or power source will cut the risk involved with an outdoor lighting solution immensely. A ground fault interrupter is the best option and will shut the circuit down if there is an issue with an undercurrent. If you don’t currently have a ground fault interrupter then get an electrician to install one outdoors for the Christmas season.



If you are using an extension cord, make sure that it’s suitable for outdoor use firstly and secondly that it’s kept off the ground and a way from water and snow. Also try and place it well away from walkways or places where there is a lot of traffic. Try and choose a cord that’s long enough but not too long, as a bundle of cord can cause all sorts of problems.


Waterproof lights

Always use waterproof lights, not matter what you decide on and look for the UL or CE stamp as these will meet the national industry standard and can be used outside safely. Never ever use indoor lights outdoors.


What Bulb

When it comes to Christmas lighting there are a whole host of bulbs on offer and it’s up to you on a lot of levels what sort of lighting you choose. The C7 and C9 strands of bulbs are very popular and come on a chain and use the standard candelabra base. These often come with inner fuses and if one light goes out it won’t affect the whole strand – always a bonus. This is especially useful if the lights are high up and you need a ladder or access hire to get to it. The number of injuries caused by people falling when putting up lights and working at a height at Christmas is notably large.

Miniature bulbs are also an option and consume less power than the C7 or C9 bulbs. These often come in rows of 50- 100, though run in a series – meaning failure of one will put out a whole string. These are the budget option and though great, it is a case of getting what you pay for.


Net Lighting

These go across bushes and are a great way to light a garden. They use LED lighting, which means no more interweaving of the cord between the trees and also as they are LED they use very little power.

Lighting at Christmas time is so important and can really be a large part in giving your garden that festive feel. These tips should help you ensure that yours looks great and is most importantly safe.


By Cormac Reynolds

Cormac Reynolds is a lover of Christmas and decorating and can't wait to get in the mood for decorating. He loves the outdoors and sports.