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There is nothing like small storage space to make life feel even more cluttered. It's easy to throw things in bins and organize them by boxes, but what about when your storage bins barely fit in the small space and you feel overwhelmed every time you take a look into your storage unit? 

The solution? 

Don't just use the ground space - use the air space too! 

The best way to maximize your space when storing all of your life's items, is the build shelves with plenty of room for all of your bins. Below is an image that perfectly exemplifies this strategy. It will take about 1 day to create, but will leave you feeling like you can breathe again and have so much space! 

 Secret Storage Tip

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We have all been there. You have a closet full of clothes you don't wear, you know its time to clean it out, but the thought sounds absolutely dreadful. Your closet feels cluttered, you need more storage, but you don't know where to start. 

Thankfully for you, we have 8 simple questions to ask yourself when going through your closet to make the process of choosing which items to keep, donate, or throw away! So take each item, ask yourself these questions and once you hit a 'no' then choose to either donate it or throw it in the trash!

  1. Is it likely you will ever it again?

  2. Does it fit?

  3. When you look at it, does it bring you positive feelings?

  4. Have you worn it in the last 6 months?

  5. If you were at the store right now and this item were on display, would you buy it?

  6. If it is damaged is any way, can you and will you realistically get it repaired?

  7. Does this currently represent your style?

  8. Do you feel confident when wearing this?

Use these 8 questions to help you narrow down your closet to only the items you love the most! The will help you create more storage space and feel happier every time you look in your closet!

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