Spring Cleaning Basics Part 2

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Last time we discussed spring cleaning, we mentioned a few quick tips and tricks that can give your house a major boost of cleanliness. Today we're back to give you even more!


Introducing Part 2 of our Spring Cleaning Tutorial!

Give your Stained Clothes Another Chance

One idea to try is to reclean your wardrobe. Do you have clothes that you want to wear, but can't because they have stains on them? Before you try and clean them again, soak them with a solution that consists of two parts milk and one part white vinegar overnight. The solution will make your stain disappear!

Fun Fact:

Kool Aid

Kool-Aid is one of American's favorite juice mixers, but can also be used as a toilet bowl cleaner. The reason the Kool-Aid has this second use is because it is natural and non-toxic. The mix is full of citric acid that will clean the toilet for you.

Use Newspapers Instead of Paper Towels


While it may be odd to hear, paper towels do not work as well as newspapers for wiping glass surfaces. Why? The streaking on the glass comes from oil. Paper towels simply smear the oil while newspaper can penetrate it.
Try to use dry bundles of newspaper dabbed in a bit of alcohol for window cleaning. This removes the grease and wipes the window afterwards.

Let Air Vents Breathe

What's the point of spring cleaning if you don't clean the air vents inside the house? To prevent dust from building up too quickly again, wax them with car wax. This will allow the air to pass through better and it'll be easier to clean next year.