How To Properly Store Health Items

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Medicine Cabinet

Almost every bathroom has a medicine cabinet that's disguised as a mirror over the sink. Medicine cabinets are specifically made to store prescription and over the counter drugs. Aside from that, they are also a good place to stow things you need to make yourself presentable. However, since this location is so convenient to store your "must-haves", it quickly becomes a reflective junk drawer. This can quickly become a stash of outdated medications. Taking the time and effort to clean out the medicine drawer can mean life or death in some situations.

Here's a few basic steps that need to be taken immediately to cleanse your cabinet.

Step One: Purge

The first step of every cleaning process is to empty the storage area in question. In order to give it a good cleaning, take everything out. Being by sorting them into two categories, things you will keep and things you will not keep. The second category consists of everything from dried up tubes of toothpaste to all medications that are past the expiration date listed on the pill container.

Just like batteries and other recyclable items, there is a certain way to dispose of the expired drugs. The FDA gives the following advice: "Follow any specific disposal instructions on the drug label or patient information that accompanies the medication. Do not flush prescription drugs down the toilet unless this information specifically instructs you to do so.

Step Two: Prep

Now that the medicine cabinet has been emptied, the next step is to adjust the shelves. Some may think this isn't a necessary step, but when you have each shelf optimized for a specific thing, from tallest to shortest items, you now have a designated space for each object. This will create extra storage space and make organizing your medicine cabinet easier.

Step Three: Organize

Now that both requirements have been met, it is time to put everything back from the "things you will keep" category in order.

Here are a tip that will help:

Medicine cabinet space is extremely limited, so only include your most frequently used items. Store everything else in a separate box, in a closet, or in a storage unit.