How Did You Celebrate Earth Day?

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Earth Day

We recently celebrated Earth Day this past week where everyone has taken their part in becoming more eco-friendly. However, why stop at just one day of vowing to recycle more? Join us as we discuss ways to be eco-friendly all year round!


Earth Day celebrates what all of Mother Earth has done for humanity, and taking the time to examine how our actions may affect her in a negative way. In addition to planting a tree and promising yourself to recycle more, you can help more by utilizing ecofriendly storage. Let's work together to reduce our carbon footprint.

Ways to Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

The way to reduce carbon footprint for storage depends on the type of storage solution you need. If Earth Day makes you get in touch with your DIY side, try some of these creative storage options:

  1. Clay – create storage containers for anything with molding clay
  2. Cardboard – Using old cardboard boxes such as an empty Amazon box as a storage container under the bed is a sure way to reduce your carbon footprint. If you dislike the images and logos  on the side of the boxes, you can wrap the side of the box with fabric if you desire.
  3. Glass – Using mason jars to as storage for small items such as nails or dry food
  4. Wood – Think twice about that that old wooden table or shelf you plan on throwing out. You can make a custom storage container to be put under the bed or as a decorative piece in the living room.
  5. A big way to become more eco friendly is to change the products you use to clean your house with. Many cleaning products contain chemicals that are harmful for the environment if they are not properly recycled.

As a bonus, a good way to make sure your the cleaning product you're using is eco friendly is by looking out for one of these labels.

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