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It's September already. October is just around the corner! One of the must do's during this period of time is to switch out our everyday clothing. Even though you really like that shirt or dress, it's getting cold. Think about getting some storage space and replacing your summer attire with winter attire. Here's a list of things to de clutter your closet:

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If you have ever moved before, you know all too well the difficulties and stress that accompany the packing process. Depending on your reasons, moving can be such an exciting time that we don't want the dread of packing to cloud over your exciting new change! We will be providing you with detailed tips for packing specific items, but for now we would like to impart on you some general tips to keep in mind when packing up your things. Make these tips your guideline and you will surely see the stress slowly melt away! 

Tips to good packing

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It's been a long week. All of that moving and organizing is beginning to wear you down. American Self Storage is bringing back Friday Funday with some more storage humor! Let loose and enjoy the weekend!

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Anyone can say they recycle, but can any of you take it to the next level? Here are a few EXTREME examples of recycling that most of us can say we will never be able to accomplish.

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Let's start small with these plastic purses. Simple DIY. source

Many will agree that the place of chaos within a home tends to be the inside of the laundry room. From scattered dirty clothes, to hangers galore, the disorganization is evident. But what if you could turn this room of madness into your organized and clean sanctuary. The more time spent here, the more of a necessity this becomes. Below are a few ideas to transform your messy chaos into an ordered system. 

Turn an unused cabinet into extra hanging space!



Self storage has been the fastest growing sector of commercial real estate for the past 35 years and has been considered "recession resistant" by Wall Street analysts. Here are 10 things that you are probably not aware of about the self storage industry. 

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Organized move

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Ever get tired of labeling all of your boxes by hand? This quick trick can help you to avoid the hand cramps while still maintaining organization throughout the move. Pick up some bright multi-colored shipping labels, available at any office supplies store, and print out labels for each room of the house. Attach these labels to all boxes and furniture to be moved.

When you arrive at your new home, place a label on the doorway of each room so friends, movers, and family that are helping with the move know exactly where everything goes.

A few precautionary steps go along way. Follow these and avoid the hassle of misplaced boxes and movers constantly questioning, "Where does this go?"


People always need storage, but many never know what features to look for within the storage units besides how much space they need. Here are six questions to ask the storage facilities when searching for a place to store your stuff!

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Whether you are going back to school or you have been out for years, fall always has a way of bringing that pressure of organization and cleaniliness. Although we think renting a self storage unit is a great way to ensure your house avoids that dreaded clutter, we have stumbled upon some very creative ways to keep your valuables stored in your house without causing a mess. Find our favorite finds of this week below: 

1. Maximize your space by using the landing steps of your staircase to hold pillows and blankets! 

Hidden Storage

Make the transition from summer to fall easier with these back to school tips!

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