How Do I Choose a Storage Facility? Here Are 6 Ways

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People always need storage, but many never know what features to look for within the storage units besides how much space they need. Here are six questions to ask the storage facilities when searching for a place to store your stuff!

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1. "Can I pay online?"

At one point or another in life, everybody needs some extra storage space. While almost all of us begin with the question "HOW MUCH space do I need?" we overlook something even more important: "Can I pay online?" Storage unit sizes are roughly the same throughout Phoenix, but not all self storage facilities have an easy-to-use online payment system. An ideal Phoenix storage facility would be one where you drive up to store your belongings once or twice, then pay the rent online for the rest of your usage. No one wants to go out in the heat just to pay for rent!


2. "Can I get help after the office is closed?"

"Okay, now that I resolved the online payment issue, how much sp...." NOT YET. There is one more question we must ask ourselves: "Can I get help after the office is closed?" Emergencies happen, maybe you accidently packed your kid's favorite toy into one of the boxes and now she can't sleep. Having a storage facility that has 24/7 gated access is another awesome perk to look for. Many self storage units in Phoenix have gate hours, if you do your homework, you can find a storage facility where they allow you access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


3. "What are the security features?

You may have begun to catch on about how unimportant figuring out the storage space is by now...Before buying a house, you have to check out the neighborhood and how safe it is, especially if you have kids. This is no different! Look up on the storage facilities security features. Do they have cameras? Are they recording 24/7? How are the fences and gates? Do they have night lights?


4. "How much space do I need?"

FINALLY. You are now allowed to ask the big question: "how much space do I need?" After finding a great Phoenix storage facility that offers a drive-up option, even more options open up to you. 5x5? 5x10? 10x10? There are diagrams here that give you a general estimate of how many boxes you can put into each storage unit size. Use those. They are good starting points and help you visualize which storage size you need.


5. "What deals do you have?"

More often than not, storage facilities have deals that you can take advantage of, such as "50% off the first X months." Some storage units also have free truck access where you can move your belongings without the hassle of renting a truck yourself. Either check online for deals or ask them at the front desk. It never hurts to ask!


6. Miscellaneous

Now that we've got all of the major issues down, there are still some miscellaneous things we moving customers need to be aware of. Check if your homeowners or renters insurance covers your household goods. Many self storage facilities offer insurance, but if you are already covered, there is no need to spend extra money! If you plan to store a bunch of stuff, double check to see if your rented 18 wheeler can fit into the storage facility. Climate control – it costs more money but sometimes it actually is necessary. If you plan to store for longer than 6 months, think about climate control. Especially if you're in the Phoenix area, where it gets HOT. Climate control protects against warping of furniture and drying out the pages of your books!