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Get the latest self storage tips from the team at American Self Storage. We'll update you on how to not only get the best self storage unit for your needs, but also how to utilize your self storage unit properly. We know that you are looking for the best at a competitive price. Our on-site managers are here to assist you. Please let us know how we at American Self Storage can help!

SelfStorageNorthHighlnadsFor those people living in the area of North Highlands, California that need to store their belongings temporarily or for an extended period of time, choosing to rent a unit from the American Self Storage facility is the best option. This storage facility has clean and vermin-free structurally sound buildings that can be secured with a personal lock so that no one can enter their unit without the renter's permission. Of course, if there is some type of an emergency and the resident manager finds it necessary to open one or more of the storage units, they are permitted by contract to do so within reason.

For military personnel and their families, there is a discount available as a sign of gratitude for all that they have done and are doing for our country. These individuals and families can secure their possessions while they are serving overseas or simply in the process of moving the family to another location when the service man or woman has been transferred. Their possessions will be kept secure until the time that they are ready to remove them from storage.

FairfieldSelfStorageIf you are considering storing some or all of your possessions in a self storage facility in or near Fairfield, California, you should look into renting a storage unit at American Self Storage. This facility has a very helpful and friendly resident manager and support staff. They can answer any of the questions that you might have about moving and storing your possessions whether you plan to use one of their storage units for a single month or for an undetermined extended period of time. They will assist you in organizing the move of your possessions to the storage facility so that it can be as quick and simple as possible. This is especially helpful for those people that have never stored anything in storage units before and have no idea of how to pack their possessions properly or organize their possessions in the storage unit in the best way for easy retrieval of items.

StocktonStorageThe city of Stockton is located along the San Joaquin River and is a little bit south of Sacramento, which is the capital of the state of California. There are many great post-secondary schools in this area as well as attractions that bring in many people that make it their home either temporarily or permanently. The local attractions include the Haggin Museum which contains art and local history displays, the Bob Hope Theater, and the San Joaquin River. Due to the fact that the city is located on the river and has the Stockton Sea Port, which accesses the San Francisco Bay, there are also many thriving businesses in the area that bring new individuals and families into the area that are in pursuit of employment or transferred from a different company location to one located in or near Stockton.

Whether they are moving to the Stockton area for reasons related to higher education, enjoyment of the local attractions, or local employment, the individuals and families often need a place to temporarily place some or all of their belongings. They soon discover that renting a storage unit is the ideal solution to their situation. They can rent one for a low monthly cost and know that their belongings are protected and they can go get any of them at any time within the facility's business hours. In fact, they can even rent an outdoor space, covered or uncovered, in which they can park any of their vehicles such as a camper or a boat. They can even save themselves gas money and help the environment by storing a car that they do not plan to drive much due to their usage of the Stockton Transit bus service. This bus service has many interconnecting routes and it uses mostly diesel-electric hybrid buses to help protect the air and the surrounding environment from emissions.

FunFactsAboutPhoenixPhoenix is the 6th largest city in the United States. The greater Phoenix area which includes the cities of Chandler, Glendale, Scottsdale, and Tempe has a population of nearly 4.37 million people and covers 2,000 square miles. Phoenix basks in sunshine more than 200 days a year, which is more than any other major metropolitan area in the United States. Phoenix enjoys sunlight nearly 85% of its daylight hours and has an annual rainfall of 7.7 inches, and an average temperature of 72.6 degrees.

Phoenix is one of only 13 cities in the United States that is home to franchises of all four major professional sports: Phoenix Suns, Arizona Diamondbacks, Arizona Cardinals, and Phoenix Coyotes. Phoenix has hosted the Super Bowl in 1996 and 2008 and will host again in 2015.


Keeping Track Of Your Stored ItemsPlacing your temporarily unused possessions in a storage unit is a great idea, but it can become a big frustration if you do not know how to find anything when you need it. Most items are stored for a month or longer and very few people can recall exactly what was placed in each of the boxes when their possessions were packed up to be placed in storage. Of course, this problem becomes even more complicated if there is more than one person packing things into the boxes or if someone besides the person that packed the boxes is sent to retrieve something from the storage facility.

A simple solution to the problem of not knowing what is in the stored boxes is to make an inventory list. As you pack your possessions into the cardboard boxes, write down a simple name for every item that is placed in each box. This might seem like a tedious task or a waste of time to some people, but it will definitely come in handy when you find that you need to retrieve something from your storage unit and you do not have the time to search through every single box to find it. 

moving possessionsIf you have found that you are running out of space to store things at your residence, but you cannot bear to part with any of your prized possessions, it might be time for you to consider renting a storage unit. You can rent one close to your home so that you can have easy access your possessions within their listed hours. Moving your possessions there will free up space in your residence and your possessions will be safe and secure in a locked unit.

One of the main things that make it difficult for people to move their possessions to a storage unit is the lack of cardboard storage boxes to put their smaller possessions in to make it easier to move and store them. It used to be quite easy to simply ask a grocer for left over cardboard boxes from their food shipments, but now the boxes seem to be rarer to come by. Luckily, if you do not have a source for cardboard boxes, you can actually get them from most storage rental facilities if you plan to rent a unit from them. Sometimes there is a minor cost to acquiring the boxes, but you know that the boxes are new and in great condition. This means that you do not have to worry about the bottom falling out and dumping your possessions on the ground when you pick it up. Some storage rental facilities even offer cardboard boxes of various sizes so that it is easier for you to find the perfect fit for your possessions. 

TipsForChoosingAStorageUnitWhen you are looking for a storage unit, the cost per month is not the only thing that should influence your choice. Something else that you need to think about is how much space you will actually need for storing the items that you have. Most storage places have several sizes of units available and the cost of rent is the lowest for the smallest of their units. You might think that you are saving money by renting the least expensive unit, but you do not want to be in the process of moving your items into the storage unit and realize that you do not have enough room to fit everything. Of course, you also do not want to rent a unit that is much larger than the amount of space that you actually need because that would mean that you are paying extra for space that you are not using.

Another thing that needs to be considered when looking for a storage unit is the security offered to the items that you are storing. Even if you do not plan to store anything valuable, it is very upsetting to find out that your unit has been broken into and someone has rummaged through your unit and either vandalized or stolen things. You should ask the owner or manager about what precautions they will take to protect your possessions. An ideal storage unit would have some type of security gate for entering the premises. Often these gates are operated by entering a key code that is different for each renter. Adequate outdoor lighting around all of the buildings on the premises is also very beneficial in protecting your stored possessions. 

OutdoorStorageAt some point in nearly everyone's life, they acquire more things than can fit in their living space and they will decide to store them. Often, these rarely used items are stored on the premises, either tucked away in the basement or attic, where they are out of the daily living space. However, when there are no on-grounds storage or the storage has become too full; people come to the decision that it is time to rent a storage unit and store their possessions off of their premises. Luckily, there are several types of storage and it is easy to choose the right one according to the items being stored.

 Most storage rental facilities offer both outdoor and indoor storage. The outdoor storage is used for various types of larger vehicles that are not going to be used for a while. An example of this would be a boat or camper that needs to be stored over the colder months in a region with harsh winter weather. The indoor storage is usually used for smaller items and boxes, although some can accommodate a small vehicle. An indoor storage unit can have the entrance open directly to the outside or the entrance can be along a hallway on the inside of a storage building. Usually, the entrance is like a manual garage door that rolls up above the doorway. The indoor units are generally locked with a slide latch and the renter's personal key lock or combination lock. The units with entrances inside the buildings add an extra level of security, but it is sometimes harder to maneuver larger furniture items through the hallways if the unit is far from the door to enter the building. 

When most people move a large amount of there possessions to a storage unit, it often ends up being a large pile of boxes and other items. Unfortunately, when they return to look for a particular item that they have stored, they have no idea where to begin looking in the huge mess. They end up wasting most of a day or even longer searching for that item. You can avoid this problem with a little bit of extra work and a bit of planning before the move. Then, finding something in your storage unit will be a breeze.

Before you take that first load of previously boxed up items to the storage facility, you need to be sure you have some idea of what is inside. It only takes a few OrganizeBoxesminutes to quickly peek and get a general idea of the contents. Once you know what types of things are in the box, you should close it back up and use a permanent marker to label the outside of the box. The label should be short and easy to understand by other people besides yourself in case you are not the one retrieving things from storage. It is recommended that you label the box on the top and at least one of the sides so that it can still be read it even if it is stacked among other boxes. If you are still in the process of packing things into boxes, be sure to label them appropriately before closing them. In addition, you should be sure that the boxes are sturdy and securely closed so that the items do not end up falling everywhere when the box is moved.

Now that you have all of your boxes packed and labeled, it will be simpler to find things in your storage unit. However, to make it even easier, you should arrange the boxes and other items in an orderly fashion. Those boxes that you think you will need to access should be placed closer to the door and on top of the ones that you will not be likely to open anytime soon. Also, instead of packing the room from wall to wall, it is a good idea to leave a path between the rows of stacked boxes so that you can more easily see the labels on every box in the room. This will come in handy in case you do need to get something from one of the boxes that you were not planning to open for a long time.

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