Simple Tips for Hassle Free Packing

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If you have ever moved before, you know all too well the difficulties and stress that accompany the packing process. Depending on your reasons, moving can be such an exciting time that we don't want the dread of packing to cloud over your exciting new change! We will be providing you with detailed tips for packing specific items, but for now we would like to impart on you some general tips to keep in mind when packing up your things. Make these tips your guideline and you will surely see the stress slowly melt away! 

Tips to good packing

Moving Tips Heavy Box


Limit your boxes to a maximum weight of 50 pounds to make handling easier.

Moving Tips Wrap Items

Wrap your items as carfeuly as possible

Moving Tips Cushion Items

Place plenty of cushioning around your items, especially the fragile ones, to absorb shock.

Moving Tips Sturdy Box

Use sturdy boxes that close to avoid the destruction of all your favorite items. 


Make sure your boxes are firmly packed and do not have room to rattle, bulge outward or bend inward.

Moving Tips Label Boxes

Do not mix items from separate rooms in the same box, when possible. (This will be a lifesaver when unpacking!)