Back to School Organizing Tips & Tricks

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Make the transition from summer to fall easier with these back to school tips!

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1. Bed time

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During summer we have so many activities going on, the kids start to sleep later and waking up later.

Before school starts, get the kids to sleep earlier so waking up for school will be easier for everyone 


2. Prepare the night before
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Spend 10-15 minutes every night to go over what needs to be done the next morning, consider preparing the next days lunch too!

Set out what to wear for the next day on the desk, that way no one has to be scrambling to find clothes.


3. Have a designated area for lunch preparation

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Everyone is groggy in the morning, have the sandwich materials prepared in a special section of the pantry.

This cuts down preparation time by at least 5 minutes and gives you more wiggle room for unexpected occurrences.


4. Set a routine!
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Setting a routine for both you and your children makes everyone's morning easier.

This way if it's 7:25 and no one's at the table eating breakfast, you know you might be a little late and take the necessary actions.


5. Have a battle station
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Your battle station will include: backpacks, lunch boxes, thermoses and more!

These are items that you absolutely need for the day, set these in their proper position by the door the night before, that way no one forgets anything!


6. Label your kids' items

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Children share their supplies with other kids and sometimes they get lost or forgotten.

If this ever happens, they can be easily returned to the right kid! And probably save you money from buying new ones.


7. Homework time
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Either after they get back from school or after dinner, set up a specific amount of time where they review what they've done at school that day.

You can also take this time to read that book you've wanted to read for forever.