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office furnitureWhen the McClellan Air Force Base was converted into the McClellan Business Park, we decided it was a great opportunity to move our small business into a prime location. As office manager, I made all of the arrangements so that we would move close to the time that our current lease ended. During that time, I had the new office remodeled to suit our needs. Unfortunately, the remodelers ran into some problems installing the plumbing for our employee restroom and the completion date was delayed by a week or two. This meant that our new location was not going to be ready before the lease on our other location ran out.

I decided that the best option in this situation was to temporarily store all of our office furniture and equipment until the new location was ready. I would also give our few employees some paid days off during that time. I immediately started placing calls to various North Highlands self storage facilities to see what was available and how much it was going to cost our business. I considered getting a climate controlled North Highlands storage unit because I had heard that our documents and electrical equipment could be damaged by the summer heat. However, a business associate told me that storing everything for a week or two would not cause any damage that warranted spending the extra money for one of the climate controlled North Highlands storage units. She said that I would be better off focusing on finding a regular unit that was close to the McClellan Business Park so that we could get everything moved in and set up quicker at our new location.

ATVLiving in Marysville, California offers the residents all sorts of outdoor activities, like boating and horseback riding, but our favorite is riding our ATVs at the nearby OHV Motocross course. Much of our free time is spent there and we have had season passes for many years. Unfortunately, we came across a problem when the children became old enough to have their own ATVs. There was not enough space on our own property where we could safely store all four of our ATVs. That is when we considered looking at the Marysville self storage facilities.

We needed to find a reasonably priced Marysville storage unit that could hold up to four ATVs and the trailer that we used to haul them to the track. It also had to be somewhere between our home and the track that we used so that we would not be wasting any of our riding time by going across town to pick up our ATVs. In order to be sure that we got the one that suited our needs the best, we decided to look at several of the Marysville storage units that were located along our path to the track. Unfortunately, some were not allowed to be used for the storage of ATVs or other vehicles and others were not easy to access with our large trailer due to the narrow lanes and tight turns around the storage buildings.

grandparentsposessionMy grandparents lived in Hemet, California almost all of their lives and accumulated quite a bit of stuff over the years. Since I was the only other family member living in the area when they had both passed away, it was decided that I was the one that would initially take care of their possessions until the rest of the family members could get the time to come pick up the things that they inherited. It was their wish that their house be sold and the money divided among us, so it was to go on the market right away and everything needed to be moved out. There was no way that I could keep everything in my own home so I decided that my best option was to find a suitable Hemet storage unit.

Some of the Hemet storage units that I researched were actually large enclosed trailers. One would be brought to the location, packed, and hauled away to be parked on the storage facility property. To me, that seemed like an easy way to take care of everything. However, when I contacted the closest facility, I found out that each time we wanted to get something out of the storage unit there was a fee because it involved the company moving the trailer to a safe location for us to access the contents. Since family members would be trickling in from all over the country, there was no telling how many times we would need to access the storage trailer. 

fairfield self storage unitWe have lived in our house in Fairfield, California for over fifteen years and both of our children have always been involved in several different types of extra curricular school activities such as football, band, and Art Club. Needless to say, our family accumulated quite a lot of things over the years and our house began to look rather cluttered. We tried to weed through our possessions and give things away or discard things that were no longer needed, but it seemed like there was never really much that fit into that category and our house remained cluttered.

Last month, we finally agreed on a way to keep all of the things we needed and all of our cherished possessions while also keeping the house uncluttered. We decided that we would place all of the things used for extra curricular activities into self storage. We would also move some of the family's heirloom furniture pieces, such as my grandmother's cedar chest, into the storage unit as well. By only keeping the things that the family needed on a daily basis, our house would look so much better. When I did some research, I found out that Fairfield self storage units existed all over the city. I knew it would be best if we could get one that was conveniently located near our house or the school so that we could easily pick up the things that the children needed on the evening before they needed it and return those things to storage when they were done. 

home office documentsI started my own business a few years ago and it seems to have grown exponentially. When I started, I used my small spare bedroom as my office space so that I could keep everything on hand. I kept extra stock so that I could quickly fill orders and I had file cabinets for all of the paper work that is involved with being self employed. However, as my business grew, my office space started to become rather cluttered and it was getting more difficult for me to easily find things when I needed them. I had to find a way to keep everything readily available without letting my business take over any of my living space.

One of my customers suggested that I look into acquiring a self storage unit to keep some of my business things. I replied that it would be inconvenient to have things locked away somewhere that was hard for me to access, but he said that he used a nearby self storage facility and he could access the contents at any time from early in the morning until late in the evening. He added that his storage unit was locked with his own key lock so no one else had access to what was inside. 

furnituresWhen my husband's grandmother passed away, he inherited all of her furniture, but we had no place in our small home for any of it. We had been married for years and had already purchased all of our own furniture. We thought of selling his grandmother's things, but some of them were heirlooms that my husband fondly remembered from visiting her during his childhood and he preferred to keep them in the family. We agreed that we would sell most of the furniture and save those special pieces of his grandmother's furniture to give to our own daughter when she was old enough to move out on her own. However, we still had the problem of where we could keep those items for the next ten or more years.

A friend of ours suggested that we look into placing these special furniture items in a nearby self storage unit. She told us that the furniture would be safe and secure until it came time for our daughter to move out of our house. We had never used a self storage unit and were rather clueless as to what was involved. I called several local self storage facilities and asked questions about storing those special furniture items. 

house for saleWhen it comes time to move to another home, whether it is to one larger or smaller than the original home, most people have acquired at least some items aside from the essential household furniture. This could include such things as abundant toys for the children, exercise equipment, or even just multiple bookcases filled with favored books. Unfortunately, these possessions might actually hinder the sale of the current home because it can appear cluttered to potential buyers.

If a real estate agent is being used to help sell the home, he or she is likely to recommend that the family remove as much of these things as they can without hindering their normal daily activities. The removal of the excess items from the living space will help potential buyers get a better feel for the amount of space that the home offers them and how they might choose to decorate it to best suit their own needs if they were to move in. 

media playerWhether it is going to be for a very short while or a longer time span, it is important to take every precaution that is possible when storing VCRs, DVD players and other media players. If these devices are not handled and stored properly, they will no longer be of use for the owner when they are taken out of storage.

Like all other electrical devices, it is best if the media players are kept in a self storage unit that has a controlled climate in regions that have very high or very low temperatures. The temperature and humidity level in these storage units are regulated with heat, air conditioning, or both, so that it stays nearly constant throughout the year. Temperature extremes could cause cracking and damage that could be irreparable or very costly to repair. If for some reason the media player is exposed to freezing temperatures, it should be given forty-eight hours before it is turned on and checked in order to prevent further damage. Exposure to moisture in the air can lead to the development of rust, mold, and mildew on both the inside and the outside of the media players. Although wrapping the media players in plastic may seem like a good way to keep them safe from moisture, it can actually cause any residual moisture to be trapped close to the device and even more damage might occur. 

computersIn today's society, computers and the various electrical components that go with them, such as printers and scanners, are a very important part of daily life for many people. However, there may come a time when these items must be temporarily stored away. In order to keep them safe and secure until it is time to get them out and use them again, the best place to store them is in a self storage unit. Although it would be easy to just gather everything and put it in a cardboard box and stow it in the least expensive storage unit, it is better to store them properly in order to protect them from damage.

Instead of simply tossing everything into a cardboard box, care should be taken. If it is at all possible everything should be packed up into the original boxes exactly as the various pieces were when they were purchased. If the original boxes are no longer available, then new cardboard boxes of similar shape and size should be purchased. Considering how fragile these components can be, it is not wise to use an old box that was acquired from a local supermarket. The supermarket boxes are likely to be weak which could cause them to collapse or they could be dirty which would attract vermin to the storage unit. The new cardboard boxes can usually be purchased right in the office of the self storage facility or from moving companies and packaging services. Since the new boxes do not have all of the original packing material, care should be taken to pad everything well in the box by using bubble wrap and loose packing material. 

motorhomeMany self storage facilities offer storage for various types of vehicles along with the typical storage units. The types of vehicles that are allowed to be stored may range in size from jet skis to large boats and motor homes, depending on the amount of space the facility has set aside for this type of storage.

The manager of the self storage facility should be contacted to be sure that the facility can accommodate the vehicle that needs to be stored and to get information about any rules that may be in place for the storage of vehicles. One standard self storage rule for vehicles is that the vehicle must be operable and have current insurance and tags if they are needed for that type of vehicle. Another rule that is standard is that no one is allowed to take up residence in any type of stored vehicle and no pets can be kept in the vehicle while it is parked on the grounds of the storage facility. There may also be rules as to how the customer can bring certain vehicles onto the grounds. For example, a large motor home may not be able to maneuver between the buildings from the front gate to the assigned storage space and may need to be driven through a back gate closer to the storage parking area. 

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