Secret Storage - Tips to Keep Your Clutter Hidden

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Whether you are going back to school or you have been out for years, fall always has a way of bringing that pressure of organization and cleaniliness. Although we think renting a self storage unit is a great way to ensure your house avoids that dreaded clutter, we have stumbled upon some very creative ways to keep your valuables stored in your house without causing a mess. Find our favorite finds of this week below: 

1. Maximize your space by using the landing steps of your staircase to hold pillows and blankets! 

Hidden Storage

2. There is no doubt about it - vintage is in. Go grab that old door you have taking up space in your garage and put it to good use by transforming it into a decorative shelf!

Secret Storage

3. Do you have your laundry baskets floating all over your apartment? Install a simple shelf to place all of your baskets, detergent, and dryer sheets! 

Laundry Storage

4. Most kids' rooms have boxes upon boxes filled with books and toys taking up space -create more room to play by adding in a bench with shelves!

Book Storage

5. With all of those spices and baking ingredients, a kitchen tends to be the most cluttered space in any house. Try this clever storage idea to open up space in your cabinets and organize those little items essental for your flavorful cooking! 

Kitchen Storage

6. What better wait to utilize your living room closet space than to transform the door into a bookshelf? 

Bookshelf storage

7. Has your junk drawer gotten a little out of hand? Try organizing your little items by placing them into jars you can attach to the bottom of your shelves. 

Decluttering Ideas


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