Storage in Fairfield

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FairfieldSelfStorageIf you are considering storing some or all of your possessions in a self storage facility in or near Fairfield, California, you should look into renting a storage unit at American Self Storage. This facility has a very helpful and friendly resident manager and support staff. They can answer any of the questions that you might have about moving and storing your possessions whether you plan to use one of their storage units for a single month or for an undetermined extended period of time. They will assist you in organizing the move of your possessions to the storage facility so that it can be as quick and simple as possible. This is especially helpful for those people that have never stored anything in storage units before and have no idea of how to pack their possessions properly or organize their possessions in the storage unit in the best way for easy retrieval of items.

The American Self Storage location in Fairfield, California also has the capacity to store vehicles in their outdoor area. This can be very convenient for those individuals or families that own boats or campers and do not have the additional space on their own property to store them. The early morning to late evening business hours of the storage facility make it is easy to swing by the facility on the way to or from an outing with their boat or camper. In fact, it is also a great place to store occasionally used vehicles such as those that belong to a college student that needs their vehicle only when they return home from school for vacations or holidays. The vehicles are secure because the entire grounds of the storage facility are enclosed by strong fencing and can only be accessed through a gate with a key pad lock. The grounds are well lit and there is also surveillance cameras that help deter anyone that might try to cause damage to the vehicles that are being stored there.

No matter what type of storage needs a person might have, the American Self Storage facility in Fairfield can help make their use of a storage unit pleasant and easy. They even have a simple online reservation and payment system as well as a convenient monthly automatic payment plan so that their customers do not have to worry about getting their rental payments sent in before the deadline.