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keeping posessions safeWhen a family wants or needs to be out of town for an extended time, there is always the question of how to best protect the special belongings in their home while they are away. The thought of losing anything due to theft, vandalism, or even natural disasters while they are away can be very upsetting. Depending on the neighbors to keep an eye on the house does not always work because there are times when the neighbors might be away from their own home due to work, school, or other things happening in their own lives.

An inexpensive way to ease their mind while they are away is to rent a storage unit at a facility that is close to their home. Their belongings will be kept safe and secure while they are gone and it will not take long for them to pack up any items that are valuable, monetarily or sentimentally, and move them to the storage facility before they head out of town. At some self storage facilities, they can even rent space to store any vehicles that they are leaving behind while they are gone in order to protect them as well. 

3 reasonsWhen most people think about renting a storage unit, they are most likely running out of room in and around their home to store things that they are not using. Moving items to a storage unit can happen for several different reasons. 

One reason that people rent storage units is that they are putting their house up for sale and they want it to look presentable to the potential buyers. The home sellers should pack up and put in storage anything that they are not using frequently. This can include collections, out of season clothes, memorabilia from the younger years of their children, and unused furniture. Removing all of these items helps the prospective buyers get a better judgment as to the size of the various rooms and how their own belongings might fit into them. Once the house has sold it is easy for the original owners to remove the items from storage and place them wherever they choose in their new home. 

OrganizeStorageUnitAlthough most people do not give it much thought when they are moving their possessions into a storage unit, keeping everything organized in storage units is essential to being able to find anything when it is needed or when the entire storage unit is moved to a new location. If there is no organization, the possessions in storage become a large jumbled mess of furniture and boxes. No matter how hard a person might try to remember what was in each cardboard box, it will become more and more difficult as time passes. As the saying goes, "Out of sight, out of mind."

Organizing a storage unit starts with the first box of possessions that are packed. To prevent the future frustration of trying to find certain items, the person that is packing should do several things. First, they should organize the items that they are packing by the room where they belong, such as putting only items from the bathroom in a box together. Second, as the items are placed in the box, it is advisable to quickly jot down some type of name or description on a piece of paper. Placing this inventory list on top of the contents before sealing the box will prevent the need to root through the contents when they want to retrieve a particular item. Finally, to help keep the storage unit organized, the person should use a permanent marker to write a short description on the top and several sides of the box to identify the contents. An example would be to say that the contents came from the left set of kitchen drawers. 

PhoenixSelfStorageAt this time, the newest American Self Storage is the one that is located in the city of Phoenix, Arizona. Like all of the other American Self Storage locations, this one is a clean, well cared for facility where the renters can feel assured that everything is being done to keep their possessions safe and secure from both vermin and crimes. The manager for the facility resides on the property so that they can respond quickly if there is ever any type of emergency. The resident manager and other staff members make periodical rounds of the entire facility to be sure that all of the units are securely closed and that there are no signs of breakage in the fencing or other problems that might infringe on the security of the items stored there. The staff members also check the structure of the buildings and items stored outdoors after any type of severe weather to be sure that nothing has been damaged.

SelfStorageStocktonPlacing your belongings in a storage unit can be a complicated process if you have never done it before. That is where the resident manager and the rest of the staff at the American Self Storage located in Stockton California can be very helpful. Consulting with one of the friendly and knowledgeable employees can save you from a lot of frustration before, during and even after your usage of one of their various sizes of storage units.

Before you rent one of their indoor storage units or outdoor parking spaces, they can help you decide the perfect size storage unit for your needs so that you do not end up paying for lots of unused storage space or find out that things will not fit in the storage unit size that you thought would work. They are very familiar with the sizes of various types of furniture and other things that people store as well as the dimensions of various campers, boats and other vehicles, so all they need to do is simply ask you questions about what you need to store.

SelfStorageHemet2Like the various other locations of American Self Storage throughout the state of California and parts of Nevada, their newest storage facility located in Hemet is an ideal place to store your possessions. They have many different sizes of storage units to meet all sorts of needs whether you are storing a whole house full of furniture or just a few boxes of memorabilia that you do not have space for on your own property. If you have a home based business that has outgrown the space in your home that you set aside for it, then you can store anything from boxes of files and documents to additional stock that you need to keep on hand for the convenience of your customers.

SelfStorageSantaMariaPeople moving in and out of Santa Maria can depend on the American Self Storage facility that is located. The staff can help them with all of their storage needs. This facility has various sizes of rental units from a small six feet by seven feet room to units as large as fifteen feet by nineteen feet so they can easily accommodate any amount of items from a few boxes to all of the furniture from a several bedroom house. If a customer is unsure of what size unit they should rent, they can talk to the resident manager or one of the other knowledgeable people that work at the rental facility. The staff will guide them in choosing the most appropriate sized storage unit so that all of their possessions will easily fit without having too much unused space that would cause them to be paying more than they need to pay. Aside from helping the customers choose the proper sized storage unit, the staff will also share other tips about how to efficiently store certain types of items such as large mirrors, books, and appliances.

SelfStorageReddingPost-secondary students from other areas that are attending schools in the Redding, California area that choose to live in student housing often find that they cannot stay in this type of residence for the full calendar year because the housing closes for repairs and other things for a period of time during the summer when classes are not in session. For the months that they are not able to reside in the student housing, they need to find a place to store the personal possessions that they had there. The American Self Storage in Redding is perfect for their needs.

The students or their families can reserve a storage unit as small as five feet by ten feet or rent one of the various larger sized units, depending on how much of their possessions they will need to put into a storage unit. The reservation for the storage unit can be made in person or over the internet on the company's web site. For an added convenience to their customers whose native language is not English, the American Self Storage web site can be translated to fifty-seven additional languages with just a click of the mouse on a small image of the preferred country's flag. The diagram containing the clickable translator flags representing countries around the world can be found on all of the important pages on the web site so it is readily available no matter which page a potential customer lands on when doing an internet search for self storage facilities in the Redding area. Being able to fully comprehend the financial arrangements, rules, and other important aspects of renting a storage unit helps the customer feel welcome and confident that they are making the perfect choice in storage facilities.

SelfStorageRedBluffWith its location so close to the fairgrounds, the American Self Storage in Red Bluff, California is a great asset to those individuals, families, and companies that participate in events or set up one of the various types of booths on the fairgrounds.

Even though there are events scheduled at the fairgrounds throughout the calendar year, there are many people that do not participate on a daily basis. During the times that they are not participating in events at the fairgrounds, these people can store such things as bulky equipment that they use at the fairgrounds or the various items that they might display in a game or informational booth. They can easily access their belongings at any time during the business hours of this American Self Storage location. They can even bring in large vehicles to load or unload things from their storage unit because the aisles between the buildings are wide and smoothly paved for easy maneuverability of any type of vehicle.

OrovilleSelfStorageMany businesses these days are turning to self storage rather than relying on the regular type of storage companies that they used to use. The American Self Storage facility in Oroville, California offers customers from all sizes of businesses many options that were not likely available to them before.

For example, when a large or a small business places items in a storage unit at American Self Storage, they can access these items at any time during the facility's business hours. All that they need to do is send a trusted representative to the storage facility with the access code that opens the gate to the facility and a key to the personal lock that was placed on the storage unit door. The company representative can take as long as they need to find the items they wish to retrieve or store new items in the unit. There is no additional fee charged to the business for each time that they need to access their stored items such as what they may have had to pay when they were not using a self storage facility. Some of the items that they may decide to store at the Oroville location may include, files and documents from previous years that need to be kept for tax purposes, extra furniture that they have acquired by buying in bulk, and extra sales stock that they want to have readily available for same day delivery. Renting a storage unit is especially beneficial to those businesses that are only open at certain times of the year such as tax preparation offices and stores that sell things such as decorations, costumes, and other supplies for Halloween or other once-a-year events.

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