Tips for Choosing a Storage Unit

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TipsForChoosingAStorageUnitWhen you are looking for a storage unit, the cost per month is not the only thing that should influence your choice. Something else that you need to think about is how much space you will actually need for storing the items that you have. Most storage places have several sizes of units available and the cost of rent is the lowest for the smallest of their units. You might think that you are saving money by renting the least expensive unit, but you do not want to be in the process of moving your items into the storage unit and realize that you do not have enough room to fit everything. Of course, you also do not want to rent a unit that is much larger than the amount of space that you actually need because that would mean that you are paying extra for space that you are not using.

Another thing that needs to be considered when looking for a storage unit is the security offered to the items that you are storing. Even if you do not plan to store anything valuable, it is very upsetting to find out that your unit has been broken into and someone has rummaged through your unit and either vandalized or stolen things. You should ask the owner or manager about what precautions they will take to protect your possessions. An ideal storage unit would have some type of security gate for entering the premises. Often these gates are operated by entering a key code that is different for each renter. Adequate outdoor lighting around all of the buildings on the premises is also very beneficial in protecting your stored possessions. 

A final thing to consider when looking for a storage unit is your accessibility to your stored items. There may come a time when you need to get something out of storage and you should be able to do this at your own convenience. Before you rent the unit, you should find out the hours that you would be allowed on the premises and compare them to your own schedule. If you plan to stop in on the way home from work or school, do not forget to allow for your driving time and traffic issues that may arise. You do not want to get there after they are closed and accidentally set off a security alarm while trying to enter the premises.