Types of Storage Units

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OutdoorStorageAt some point in nearly everyone's life, they acquire more things than can fit in their living space and they will decide to store them. Often, these rarely used items are stored on the premises, either tucked away in the basement or attic, where they are out of the daily living space. However, when there are no on-grounds storage or the storage has become too full; people come to the decision that it is time to rent a storage unit and store their possessions off of their premises. Luckily, there are several types of storage and it is easy to choose the right one according to the items being stored.

 Most storage rental facilities offer both outdoor and indoor storage. The outdoor storage is used for various types of larger vehicles that are not going to be used for a while. An example of this would be a boat or camper that needs to be stored over the colder months in a region with harsh winter weather. The indoor storage is usually used for smaller items and boxes, although some can accommodate a small vehicle. An indoor storage unit can have the entrance open directly to the outside or the entrance can be along a hallway on the inside of a storage building. Usually, the entrance is like a manual garage door that rolls up above the doorway. The indoor units are generally locked with a slide latch and the renter's personal key lock or combination lock. The units with entrances inside the buildings add an extra level of security, but it is sometimes harder to maneuver larger furniture items through the hallways if the unit is far from the door to enter the building. 

Some facilities will suggest that if there are items that might become damaged by extreme temperatures or high levels of dampness, renting a storage unit that is climate controlled is the best option. These specialized units are among those that are completely inside the storage buildings. However, they differ in the fact that the temperature and humidity levels are kept nearly constant throughout the year. Of course, this type of storage unit does cost a little more than the regular indoor storage, but it is worth it if the renter has items such as antique furniture or quality paintings that they want to keep from becoming ruined during the time that they are being stored.