Self Storage Oroville

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OrovilleSelfStorageMany businesses these days are turning to self storage rather than relying on the regular type of storage companies that they used to use. The American Self Storage facility in Oroville, California offers customers from all sizes of businesses many options that were not likely available to them before.

For example, when a large or a small business places items in a storage unit at American Self Storage, they can access these items at any time during the facility's business hours. All that they need to do is send a trusted representative to the storage facility with the access code that opens the gate to the facility and a key to the personal lock that was placed on the storage unit door. The company representative can take as long as they need to find the items they wish to retrieve or store new items in the unit. There is no additional fee charged to the business for each time that they need to access their stored items such as what they may have had to pay when they were not using a self storage facility. Some of the items that they may decide to store at the Oroville location may include, files and documents from previous years that need to be kept for tax purposes, extra furniture that they have acquired by buying in bulk, and extra sales stock that they want to have readily available for same day delivery. Renting a storage unit is especially beneficial to those businesses that are only open at certain times of the year such as tax preparation offices and stores that sell things such as decorations, costumes, and other supplies for Halloween or other once-a-year events.

For those companies that have too many company vehicles, such as delivery vans, for the amount of space on their business premises, American Self Storage has outdoor parking spaces that can be rented in the same manner as their enclosed storage units. All that the company would need to do is keep one or two of their vehicles on their own premises and use them to bring their employees to the storage facility to retrieve the company vehicles that they will be using for the day. At the end of the work day, they can reverse the process and know that their business vehicles will be locked behind a security fence and kept safely when they are not in use.