Self Storage in Redding

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SelfStorageReddingPost-secondary students from other areas that are attending schools in the Redding, California area that choose to live in student housing often find that they cannot stay in this type of residence for the full calendar year because the housing closes for repairs and other things for a period of time during the summer when classes are not in session. For the months that they are not able to reside in the student housing, they need to find a place to store the personal possessions that they had there. The American Self Storage in Redding is perfect for their needs.

The students or their families can reserve a storage unit as small as five feet by ten feet or rent one of the various larger sized units, depending on how much of their possessions they will need to put into a storage unit. The reservation for the storage unit can be made in person or over the internet on the company's web site. For an added convenience to their customers whose native language is not English, the American Self Storage web site can be translated to fifty-seven additional languages with just a click of the mouse on a small image of the preferred country's flag. The diagram containing the clickable translator flags representing countries around the world can be found on all of the important pages on the web site so it is readily available no matter which page a potential customer lands on when doing an internet search for self storage facilities in the Redding area. Being able to fully comprehend the financial arrangements, rules, and other important aspects of renting a storage unit helps the customer feel welcome and confident that they are making the perfect choice in storage facilities.

In addition to the customer friendly web site, the American Self Storage in Redding has a very friendly and knowledgeable resident manager and other staff members. Although it is impossible for them to speak all of the languages that are available on the web site, they are more than willing to help their customers in any way that they can. They give tips about the best way to go about packing certain items as well as how to arrange the storage unit so that everything can be found easily. They can even supply sturdy cardboard packing boxes, two-wheeled hand trucks, and help make reservation for moving trucks that the customers might need to make their move into or out of storage much easier.