Self Storage in Santa Maria

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SelfStorageSantaMariaPeople moving in and out of Santa Maria can depend on the American Self Storage facility that is located. The staff can help them with all of their storage needs. This facility has various sizes of rental units from a small six feet by seven feet room to units as large as fifteen feet by nineteen feet so they can easily accommodate any amount of items from a few boxes to all of the furniture from a several bedroom house. If a customer is unsure of what size unit they should rent, they can talk to the resident manager or one of the other knowledgeable people that work at the rental facility. The staff will guide them in choosing the most appropriate sized storage unit so that all of their possessions will easily fit without having too much unused space that would cause them to be paying more than they need to pay. Aside from helping the customers choose the proper sized storage unit, the staff will also share other tips about how to efficiently store certain types of items such as large mirrors, books, and appliances.

American Self storage is also a great place for local residents to store their campers, boats, and other recreational vehicles. Renting an open or covered parking space for these types of vehicles, or even an unused personal car or van, is as quick and easy as renting a regular storage unit. This is especially helpful for individuals or families that live in places where there is a limited amount of parking space, such as in an apartment complex or on a narrow road where street parking is minimal. The vehicles that are stored at American Self Storage in Santa Maria are protected from vandalism or theft by a fence that surrounds the grounds. The only entry to the facility is through a gate that is opened with a special code that is given to the customer. As an added measure of security, the grounds are well lit and there are security cameras in place that are constantly recording what is happening on the grounds. In addition, the manager actually resides on the premises and can respond to any type of situation and have emergency vehicles there in a matter of minutes. This is a much safer way to store a vehicle than to park it some distance from the person's residence where no one can easily keep an eye on it.