Self Storage in Phoenix

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PhoenixSelfStorageAt this time, the newest American Self Storage is the one that is located in the city of Phoenix, Arizona. Like all of the other American Self Storage locations, this one is a clean, well cared for facility where the renters can feel assured that everything is being done to keep their possessions safe and secure from both vermin and crimes. The manager for the facility resides on the property so that they can respond quickly if there is ever any type of emergency. The resident manager and other staff members make periodical rounds of the entire facility to be sure that all of the units are securely closed and that there are no signs of breakage in the fencing or other problems that might infringe on the security of the items stored there. The staff members also check the structure of the buildings and items stored outdoors after any type of severe weather to be sure that nothing has been damaged.

Although most renters of storage units at American Self Storage are quite respectful of the facility and do not purposefully litter, the resident manager and other staff members are always on the lookout for garbage on the grounds. By keeping the facility as clean as possible the staff helps keep any vermin from looking for food or nesting areas on the American Self Storage grounds. In addition, the facility does not allow the storage of any type of food items in their units because no matter how well it is packaged, the food might still attract vermin. The renters of the storage units are also responsible for completely cleaning their unit when they have moved all of their possessions out. However, the staff does double check the empty units to be sure that they are clean and ready for the next renters to move their possessions in.

The prices for renting the indoor units and outdoor spaces at the Phoenix American Self Storage facility are easy to afford. They are set close to or lower than the prices listed for other storage facilities in the area that offer the same level of care of your possessions. The facility is completely enclosed and it is always well lit to deter anyone that might want to vandalize or steal things on the property. There are also cameras in place that add to the security for the items that are stored on the grounds.