How to Store Art in Self-Storage Units

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Whether you are an art collector or just an artist, art pieces are treasured for the way they capture a moment in time. The value of art is based on how well they are preserved. In case you have a lot of artwork collected at home that may be taking up a lot of space, consider a self-storage unit to preserve the value of your artworks. Here are some tips on how to properly store art in a self-storage unit:

  • Many artworks are susceptible to temperature and moisture, the most important step is to find a climate controlled storage unit before proceeding to do storage.  
  • The next thing to do for your art is to prepare it correctly for storage. A good idea is to wrap up paintings but don’t do it in a way that could potentially damage the artwork. Do not use plastic because this can trap moisture in paintings, the damage can be irreparable. A suggestion is to use something heavy breathable cloth. With photographs, it does well in preservation with airtight containers. If possible, box your art. It is a lot better than wrapping it since it will assures you that your artwork will be protected. Be sure to pay attention to detail and don’t leave any room for error that could damage your artworks.
  • Once your art is correctly protected, it can now be move into a self-storage unit. Organize your artwork according to its size where the largest pieces are in the back and the front has the smallest pieces. Just in case, place some cardboard in between each piece of artwork. All of your artwork pieces should be store upright. Do not stack your artwork flat and do not let anything touch or lean against a canvas.
  • With sculptures, don’t lean them against anything and do not store them on their sides or heads. It’s important that you give your artwork spaces from each other and don’t pile things on top of one another. Place them on a flat surface and protect them from any potential falling objects.

Hopefully with these tips on storing your artwork can help preserve their value and their beauty. Remember to check up on your self-storage unit to ensure that everything is good with your artworks.


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