Six Steps to a Successful Yard Sale

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Last week, we talked about how to declutter your home and having a yard sale is one of the tips. However, holding a garage sale is not easy! In fact, it takes a lot of planning to make a successful yard sale. Today, we will walk you through the process and hopefully you can hold your own successful yard sale soon!

Step 0: Check Out Local Regulation regarding Yard Sale

Some neighborhoods require you to purchase a permit to hold a yard sale. Others have specific regulation about advertising signs. Do your homework first before you plan your big yard sale event. The last thing you want is a fine!

Step 1: Collect Your Salable Items

Once you have done your homework, start collecting your salable items, organize them into boxes, and label the boxes. For tips about how to sort salable items, read this decluttering guide.

Step 2: Pick a Day

Timing is extremely important for yard sales! Avoid holidays because people in the neighborhood might go out for a vacation. Also avoid freezing winter days, hot summer days, and rainy days. Yard sales usually take place on Saturday morning, but different places might have different customs. Observe when yard sales usually happen in your neighborhood and you will get a better sense of which day works the best.

Step 3: Decide the Price of Your Items

It's important to decide the price of an item beforehand to avoid making up a price during the event. When deciding the price, ask yourself would you buy it if you see the item in a garage sale? Is it a good bargain? Also, consider investing in price labels so that people don't have to always ask for the price.

Step 4: Advertise Your Sale

Successful yard sales need advertising. Advertise your yard sale a week ahead on Craigslist, local newspaper, and community bulletin boards, etc. You can also make a big, easy-to-read sign and put it in front of your house. If you have antique furniture or special items such as baby clothes/toys, say it in the ad.

Step 5: Prep Your Yard

On the day before your scheduled yard sale, start to prep your yard and think about how to best display your items so that people can freely browse what they like. Do you have enough tables or racks to put your items? If not, borrow some from your friends or neighbors. Do you have enough parking spaces for people coming to the yard sale? If not, communicate with your neighbors and maybe you can borrow some parking spots.

Step 6: Wake up Early and Start Your Sale

Wake up early to set up your garage sale. People might arrive early, so it's important to start your sale as scheduled.


Other Tips:

1. Prepare enough cash

Have enough changes ready so that you won't have to borrow from others or go to the bank during the sale.

2. Sell cookies and lemonades on the side!

You'd be surprise how popular cookies and lemonades are! It's also a chance to have your kids participate in the event and learn to be an entrepreneur.

3. Last minute discounts

Have some last minute discounts, such as one buck for a bag, to expedite your selling process.