Ways to Declutter Your Home

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Declutter Your Home

Are you planning to move but don't know how to start packing? Do you waste time everyday just to find the one thing that somehow "lost" in your house? Are you planning to use self storage but just can't decide how much stuff to put in there? If any of the above applies to you, you need to start decluttering your home. Relax, decluttering isn't as scary as it sounds. Take 5 minutes every day and you will have a happy, organized home in one month.


Everyday Decluttering Tips

1. Give away one item a day
Reduce your stuff by giving away one item at a day. Take 5 minutes every day look at your closet, wardrobes, and cabinets etc. and pick one item that you can give away as a gift. Very soon, you will have a huge collection of gifts!

2. Fill one trash bag
Take a trash bag and challenge yourself how quickly you can fill it each time. Put yourself on time pressure helps you to decide quickly and pick out unnecessary items in your home.

3. The 12-12-12 challenge
Identify 12 items to throw away, 12 items to donate, and 12 items to return to their proper place(s). This way, you can organize 36 things in your home quickly. Sounds cool right?

4. Make a list
Make a list of areas that you want to declutter and pick one area that you feel like organizing today. After you organize that area, stop and give yourself a high five! Continue the process tomorrow. 

5. Change your perspective
The most important step of decluttering is to change your perspective about THINGS. Whenever you want to purchase an item, whether it's a piece of clothe or furniture, ask yourself "Do I really need this?" "Is there anything in my home can replace it?" If you can't think of any, you can search on the internet. Finally, if you do need to purchase the item, ask yourself "Where should I put it?"


Other Decluttering Tips
If you don't want to spend time every day to declutter your home or you just want to get rid of a ton of things quickly, consider the following methods:

1. Garage sale
Take a few hours to pick out the items you want to get rid of and hold a garage sale.

2. Craigslist & eBay
Besides garage sale, you can also sell your items through Craigslist or eBay. You can probably make more from selling online but it also takes more effort and time.

3. Donation events
Pay attention to any local donation events. Usually, you can find the information online, or from local newspapers.

4. Decluttering party
Hold a decluttering party and invite your friends over. Ask them to pick anything they want. It's a great way to reduce your stuff while hanging out with your friends.


After you declutter your home, and you still have too much stuff, consider putting them away in self storage.