Get Your Home Ready for Fall

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It’s almost time to bring out the fall and winter clothes, as well as getting ready your home for the upcoming holidays in a few months. It’s important that you store your summer clothing and other summer equipment properly and correctly in order for it to be ready when warm weather comes again.

At this time, it is the perfect time to clean the closet or storage area. Clean and vacuum the closet to remove dust, direct, and insects. It would not be pleasant to find your summer clothes being infested with insects. During inspection, also suspect mold or mildew and take the steps it needs to take to kill the mold. A quick solution is using bleach solution and do pest control.

Storage Bags and Container
If you intend to use fabric storage bags then give them a quick run with the washing machine in order to remove any dust and mold spores. If you’re using plastic containers instead, then be sure to clean with a disinfectant cleanser. For clothing storage to be safe, the plastic container should be made of cast polypropylene.

For fragile items, line your containers with 100% cotton sheet or acid-free tissue paper to keep fragile items from touching the plastic.

Remember that if you didn’t wear it during the past season then chances are you won’t wear it for next year. Sort through your clothes and put away the summer wear that will be too cold to wear for the colder seasons. For kids’ clothing, prepare a bag of clothes to hand down since they might be too small next year. You can opt for giving them out to charity or yard sale.

Clean and Fold
All your clothes should be laundered and cleaned because small amounts of food or soil may become stains that can be difficult to remove. Stains will also be a huge attraction for insects and don’t use starch or sizing on items as well.

A good way to store your clothes would be rolling the clothes rather than folding it since the roll will prevent hard creases and wrinkles from forming. It’s important to store your clothing in a cool, even temperature area that is also well-ventilated. Places that are to be avoided would be attics, damp basements, and garages. Possibly suggest a self-storage unit if you happen to have a lot of stow-away.

Other Summer Equipment
Chances are you won’t need your inflatable pool when Fall and Winter come around, it would just be too cold to have it out. Safely pack your summer equipment by putting them in their original packaging (if you saved the boxes), that way when summer comes around again then you know where to get them and what boxes they are in. If you did not save the original packaging then get a box and be sure to label for no future confusion.

Now that you have prepared all your summer clothing and equipment for storage, it’s time to bust out the Fall gear. Decorate your house or apartment to be more festive to match the upcoming holiday with orange, brown, red, and yellow. To welcome the new season, have some time to clean your place and declutter your area for more space.