Storing Books, Toys, and Collectibles

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As we dispose our previous collection of stuff, we acquire more items. Collecting can range from vintage baseball cards to Star Wars toys. Storing certain collectibles, toys, and books that you have accumulated over the years can take up a lot of space in your home. Storing certain items you have in an attic is not the best solution and could potentially damage your items over a period of time. Self-storage is the best option to keep your collection protected and secured, a climate-controlled storage units is the best idea for keeping all your books, toys, and collectibles safe and well preserved.



Books can become valuable and if you have special editions books then you want to make sure they are protected. Keep them in storage where they are stacked facing flat in the box. This will help protect the spines of the books. Also, don’t forget to remove any book markers, paper notes, or photos that may lies within the pages of your books. These items could be acidic or they could also bleed through the pages that can result in book damages. A good idea to protect the binding and cover your books from dirt and dust damage would be placing book covers on all hard back books. If that is possible for you. Taking the time to carefully store your books will help them be in the best condition while in storage. You can place books in smaller boxes and add filler inside the boxes during storage. Heavier boxes go to the bottom and lighter boxes at the top.

Toys and Collectibles

When it comes to collectibles be it toys or figurines, it’s important to keep them in their original packaging. Original boxes help preserve the value of the toys over a long period of time. Pack your boys in boxes and pack them with fillers. If you have doll collections, then it’s important to wrap them up in acid-free tissue paper and keep the away from extreme light and temperature. This is where climate-controlled self-storage is perfect for. Often time, high temperatures can wrap and fade the dolls clothing and special features, you want to void that as much as possible. If you lost the original packaging then consider a fabric box for your toys and valuable collectibles.

Take precaution in all your valuables when you’re preparing them for self-storage, if they tend to break easily and is fragile then take your time to properly prepare them. Valuables items should be wrapped in paper, cloth, or bubble wrap inside a box where the empty spaces in the box are filled up. Through properly storing your books, toys, and collectibles, you can keep them for a long time and be able to pass them down to future generation.