How to Save on Self Storage

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According to the Self Storage Association, self-storage is approximately a $22 billion industry. About 84% of all U.S. countries have at least one self-storage facility and 10% of Americans use them. In order to save more on self-storage, here are 7 ways you can do it.

  • Get more organized with your stuff. You do not want to pay rent for the stuff that you’re never going to use again. A weekend to de-clutter would make you feel a lot better and in the process, it will save you money when you do take the things you need to self-storage.
  • Sell or donate your stuff. Two options that will help you save more money for storing the stuff you do keep is to either sell your things with a “self-storage sale” or donate your goods to charity for a tax deduction.
  • Replacement cost. Be realistic when it comes making a decision on stuff you may definitely need in the future or stuff that will be of no more use later on. Be sure to weigh the replacement cost.
  • Rent the smallest space you need. Here is where you can practice your Tetris skills and see what can fit in the smallest self-storage unit. If you still have a lot more stuff then you can always upgrade your self-storage unit.
  • Store with friends or family. If someone you know need extra space, ask if they would like to share a self-storage unit with you.
  • Compare the cost vs. a larger apartment. Renting a larger apartment per month to keep all your stuff may cost a lot more than renting out a self-storage for a month You can save yourself the extra cost by renting a normal size apartment and paying rent for a self-storage unit. This way you have more space at home and all your stuff are safely in self-storage.
  • Check Discounts. Some storage companies may be offering additional discount price for specific time of the year and could also be offering “move-in” specials. Be sure to take advantage of the perks that self-storage has.

Hopefully these ideas will help you save money and at the same time, keep your home free of clutter and filled with stuff that makes it hard to move around.