Holiday Storage Tips (Part 2)

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Our first Holiday Storage article was such a success we decided to write another post to cover even MORE storage and organization tips for the Holiday Season. Don't worry! If you missed our previous holiday storage article, you can locate it here. It is never a bad idea to properly store your belongings after the holidays are over, especially if you'll be moving next year. Having properly stored holiday items can save you heaps of time and sweat. Now, let's take a look at our tips and tricks!


Christmas Lights

We always dread the moment when we have to get out the Christmas lights. Why? Because no matter how much time we spend, carefully preventing them from tangling, they always come back. There is actually a study done by University of California San Diego researchers that prove the entanglement of Christmas lights is actually the universe's fault. This year, instead of looping them around your elbows or using rubber bands to attempt to prevent tangling, try doing this. Christmas lights can't tangle together if you corral them!

christmas lights



Every family has their special dinnerware set that they use on special occasions. Then there is always the chance that the 'Chandler' of the family will somehow manage to break all of the dinnerware on accident. If Monica only hadn't used a cardboard box to store her dinnerware, maybe that could have been prevented. 'Chandler-proof' your exquisite dinner set by buying the necessary protection for them.

dinnerware storage


Holiday Cards

Hallmark makes an absurd amount of money during the holiday seasons, especially Christmas. You and your family will give and receive a huge amount of gift cards in a very short period of time. Many families also save received cards to serve as memorabilia. While we can talk about the right way to store those later, getting a card divider makes things easier in the short run. It would sure be embarrassing if you accidently sent out a holiday card that was meant for you.

holiday card storage



Ribbons are not only for Christmas. They can be used all year long for gift wrapping or general decorations. By placing your vast amount of ribbons in this box, you free up one hand when tying the ribbons. This also prevents ribbons from randomly rolling away.

ribbon organize



After years of unimpressive, average, and down right abysmal wreaths that don't compliment your front door, you have finally found the perfect one. What happens when it's time to take it off? Invest in a storage bag purposely made for your wreath. When it is time to take the wreath out again, it will be like you've never put it in self storage before.

wreath storage

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