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Good-bye Halloween! Hello Thanksgiving and Christmas! The fall season is easily one of the best seasons for family get-togethers and warm hot chocolate by the fireplace. However, setting up the family Christmas tree and organizing the stockings can easily get messy. Here are a few ways to help ease the stress and get to the hot chocolate faster.


DIY ornament storage:

This is a simple DIY that you can whip up in a matter of minutes. The red cups are glued onto the cardboard and stacked on top of one another. Put individual tree ornaments into each cup and save the time to separate them when you are decorating your tree.

DIY ornament storage








DIY Christmas light storage:

Never have to untangle Christmas lights again. This is another relatively easy DIY. Screw a dowel to each end of a wooden base then wrap your lights around the dowels in a figure eight and place the stand in a bin.

DIY christmas lights









Gift wrap storage:

These storage bags can be used year round and store everything from gift-wraps to gift bows. If you have children that absolutely love getting presents on their birthday or any other special occasions, this is a storage bag you need.

Gift wrap storage













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