Getting the Most out of your Storage Unit

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One important step in storing your goods at a self-storage facility is efficiency. To get the most out of the unit you just rented it is important to make an organizational plan before you actually load the truck. Listed below are some tips for getting the most out of your storage unit.

Step 1: Identify the items you plan on storing.

• Determine which items that will be packed and stored in boxes.
• Identify the boxes that will need to be placed in the front part of the unit (due to frequent usage) by numbering the boxes or marking the letter F on the box.
• Group the boxes according to weight to insure the heaviest boxes are at the bottom of the stack.

Step 2: Rent the correct size unit.

Self-Storage managers are helpful when determining the size unit needed. It is better to have a little extra space for items you may need to store in the future and to maneuver around when retrieving something from storage.

Step 3: Organize and pack your items with a plan in mind.

Take time to think through the packing of your items. This pre-planning will only make the move into your unit easier to unload and to organize your items.

• Use boxes. Boxes can be stacked and require less space than bags.
• Invest in bubble wrap for fragile items.
• Disassemble items such as tables and bed frames when possible.
• If storing a refrigerator make sure to it has been defrosted, clean, dry, and remove the doors. This will help avoid odors and mildew growth.
• A self-storage manager can assist you determining the products you will need to pack and organize your belongings.

It may seem like all this planning it not necessary but you will find that planning ahead will ease your mind on moving day. You know the old saying "fail to plan or plan to fail".

These are just a few tips to aid in making your move a little easier. Ask your self-storage manager for more tips to make this transition from storing at home to storing at a facility stress free!

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