4 Ways to Prepare for Overnight Guests

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Have a Light and a Nightstand by the Bed

Many times guests are not used to the new area they will be sleeping in for the night. It is a best practice to have a solid nightstand next to the bed for guests. The nightstand allows people to put their phones and other personal items where they can easily get to them. Small lights near the ground and against the walls will help the guests navigate around during the night.


Have Extra Toiletries Available

Sometimes guests will forget their toiletries at home. In case that ever happens to your guests, point them toward the glass container where you keep extra shampoo, lotion, conditioner, sunscreen and more samples and they will appreciate you that much more.


Have Towels Easily Accessible

A great practice that will make you stand out in your guest's memories is having extra towels that are visible in the bathroom. Another idea is to have the towels laid out on the bed before they even go in. That way when they do walk into the guest bedroom, they won't have to ask for extra towels.


Provide a Place for Guests to Unpack

Having a place to store items and know that they will be safe and out of sight is a huge relief for guests. A closet or dresser can be used for these purposes. If you do not have extra space for these pieces of furniture, a simple stool can go a long way too.