What Happened to Your Attic?

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One of the least mentioned spaces in the house is the attic. It could be because of the horror stories that we've heard when we were kids, or maybe because not everyone has an attic.

Since the attic is seldom mentioned, we are going to take this time to shed some light on what positive things can be done to brighten it up and allow you to use it as an extra storage unit or more.

Before you decide what to store up in your attic, you'll need to do some cleaning first. Depending on what sort of items that you're planning to store up there, it is wise to imagine where everything will go before you start to move. If you plan to store a bunch of boxes and old heirlooms up in the attic, it might be a good idea to buy some space saving vacuum bags. This way you save space by putting clothing in between the boxes.

One of the first things after planning your attic out is to go up there and do it! Clearing your attic can be an awesome family bonding experience. Painting the walls with your kids gives them the ability to express their inner artistic beauty and show you how they do things.

Attic storage is great for many things. You can put items that you only use once a year up there, such as Christmas decorations or Halloween costumes. It is a cheap alternative for going to your local storage facility. It's a good middle ground between having too much stuff to store in the garage vs. having too little stuff to store in a storage unit.

The attic can be used for many things other than storage including being used as an extra room. A teenager loves their own privacy and can appreciate having the attic to themselves.

However, there are certain precautions that must be taken before making any changes to the attic. If you plan on doing any sort of construction in the attic, double check with your contractor to see if they will be damaging any of the infrastructure.