Ways to Make Your Life Easier

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Saving Time

Imagine this situation: You just dropped off one of your middle-schooler to tennis club and need to rush home to start cooking because dinner is at 6, but their class ends at 5:30. Basically you have to cook dinner in under an hour for one exhausted teenager, one high schooler, and a loving husband that just came home after a hard day at work. Any way to save time is help from the gods themselves.


Instead of scrambling around the kitchen looking for a can of Campbell's soup that's stuck behind boxes of pasta, try putting the cans in these old soda boxes. Reusing soda boxes are an excellent way to store a bunch of cans in one easy to access location. If you want an aesthetic appeal to your awesome new containers, you can use left over gift wrapping paper from Christmas to wrap the soda box first.

Reusing Soda Boxes

One of the most common annoyances of living with only a 1 or 2 bathrooms is that everyone has a limited amount of space per bathroom. Living with other people under one roof is hard enough, but when you put that many people together to share 1 bathroom, things start to get heated. One of the most crucial tips to keeping the peace is to have enough space for everyone's personal things.

Metal File Storage

By installing a metal file box and using it for storage, you can create space for oddly positioned objects. Appliances such as hair driers or curling irons can't be stored in cabinets while they are hot. If you put them into a metal file box, they are protected and easy to reach beside the bathroom mirror.

DIY Shelves

If you're feeling up to a challenge for a garage project, you can customize your walls to incorporate multiple pull in shelves to store food. These shelves serve as space savers for large families who frequently need a lot of groceries each week. At the same time, you can use the extra space to store garage-only items. If you're super ambitious, you could round up items that aren't used frequently and store them in plastic containers to be put up on top of the shelves.