Reasons to Store Vehicles at Self Storage Facilities

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VehicleInSelfStorageAside from offering a place to keep furniture and other household or business items, many self storage facilities also offer various types of vehicle storage spaces for nearly any type of vehicle as long as it is in drivable condition, has current tags, and is insured. The vehicle storage spaces can be simple parking spaces that are open to the weather, parking spaces that have a roof to somewhat protect the vehicle, or individual garages that completely enclose the vehicle for maximum protection. Just as there are various reasons that people use self storage for their smaller possessions, there are many reasons that people look to self storage facilities as a place to keep vehicles.

One of the most common uses for vehicle storage is a place to keep boats, campers and other recreational vehicles that people do not have space for on their own property. Since these vehicles are only used occasionally for recreational purposes, it is ideal to park them at a storage facility that has various security measures in place such as coded entry gates and security cameras so they are safe when not in use. Many of the storage facilities that offer this type of storage also have a dump station on the property for the convenience of their customers with RVs.

People that own antique cars or other valuable cars will often rent one of the enclosed vehicle storage spaces to protect their car if they do not have a garage of their own. These vehicles need to stay in pristine shape for car shows, parades, and other events so they are not used for everyday driving. Storing them in a secure, enclosed space ensures that the vehicles will not be damaged by weather. Often the owners will look for a proper storage location close to where they most often display their car so that it does not gain a lot of miles driving it to and from the shows.

Vehicle storage is also used by commercial customers. Many businesses are cutting back on their office size to decrease costs and this often includes losing parking space for company vehicles. Finding a nearby storage facility that offers vehicle storage is a great solution. Storage facility hours usually encompass the regular work hours for most businesses so it is easy for them to pick up the delivery vans or other company vehicles in the morning and return them to the secure storage lot at the end of the work day.