Business Use Of Self Storage

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storage businessMost people think of self storage facilities as just offering a place to store personal possessions. Although this is the original and main function of this type of facility, there are more and more self storage companies that are offering storage to businesses as well. Both large and small businesses can find many uses for placing various items in a self storage unit.

Of course, the most obvious use of the storage unit is the additional space that is made available when unused items are removed from the main business location. This is especially true of home based businesses where there is no other option for increasing the space needed for business related items aside from moving to a larger house, which is not usually feasible. Almost any business related item can be placed in a storage unit. This includes such things as seasonal items, extra inventory, business records, and excess furniture. Some storage rental facilities even offer parking spaces where businesses can temporarily store their company vehicles if their business location has limited nearby parking spaces that are free or affordable within the company budget. Renting a vehicle storage space is usually less expensive than parking the vehicles in a paid parking garage. The process of renting a storage unit is the same for both individuals and businesses.

Of course, if the company is planning to store paper documents of any kind or equipment that is sensitive to temperature or humidity changes, it is important that they request a storage unit that has a controlled environment. Basically this means that the temperature and humidity of the unit is regulated with an air conditioner or heater to maintain a temperature range that keeps the documents or sensitive equipment from becoming damaged. The storage units with a controlled environment will cost a little more than the regular units, but it is definitely worth the price to ensure that everything comes out of storage in the same condition that it was in when it was placed in the storage unit.

For businesses that receive frequent shipments of items that are going to be placed in the storage unit, there are some storage facilities that offer to accept the shipments from the delivery service and either hold them in the office for the business customer to retrieve the next time they are there or actually place the items in the storage unit for the business customer with their written consent.