Special Packing For Certain Items

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Packing For StorageAlthough it would be very convenient if all of our possessions could fit neatly into cardboard packing boxes and be safe and secure, it is just not possible. To ensure that certain items will survive being packed up, moved to a self storage unit and eventually moved back, and unpacked, some special packing techniques need to be implemented.

One of the main household items that need special care is the breakable dishes. Piling the entire set into a cardboard box will eventually result in a box of useless shards. To keep the dishes from breaking, you need to pad each piece very well. Using bubble wrap is probably one of the best methods. In addition, although they stack well when placed flat, the best way to protect plates, saucers, and other generally flat dishes is to stand them on their edge. First, a good layer of bubble wrap should be placed at the bottom of the cardboard box. After the individually bubble-wrapped dishes are placed on edge in the box, the space around them should be filled in with more bubble wrap to the point that the dishes do not shift when the box is gently shook. Before closing and sealing the box, another layer of bubble wrap should be place over the top of the dishes for added protection. After the dishes are all securely packed it is important that they are labeled as fragile and that they are not stacked in a precarious way in the moving vehicle or storage unit.

Another household item that needs a special packing technique is the lamps. It is best to remove any lampshades and pack them separately because they are prone to being damaged since they are quite flimsy when on the lamps. If possible, several sizes of lampshades can be carefully stacked within each other in a single box to conserve space. Be sure to put padding between and around them to keep them from being damaged. If it is possible, the lamp bases should be padded and securely packed in boxes. If they do not fit in the boxes, they should still be wrapped in bubble wrap to protect them. When the lamps are not being stored in boxes, the electrical cord of each lamp should be bundled and secured so that it does not get damaged or tangled. This also prevents someone from tripping on the loose cord during the move or while looking for something in the storage unit.