Last Minute Shopping for College

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Remember when you first stepped into a college dorm and realized how little space there ACTUALLY is? The bed practically takes up half the storage space already! Here are 6 items I WISHED I had in college.

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power bed riser 


The beds are too low for your storage bins and there are NEVER enough outlets. Simple fix with these power bed risers!






top bunk organizer2



Top bunk doesn't have enough storage space for your phone at night? Easy fix with this bedside tray!






storage security box



Get some privacy with this Lock and Roll Portable Underbed Personal Safe!








game central storage 



You and your roommate have different consoles and no organized space to store them? Use this central gaming tower to make more space!





desk drawer



Self storage at its best! Storage tower for textbooks and notes along with a solid surface on top of that!






toothbrush holder


Organize your bathroom clutter with these toothbrush holders!