5 Fun Ways to Re-Use Your Moving Boxes

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Chances are, once you have FINALLY finished moving you will want to get rid of all the evidence that may bring back some horrid memories of lugging furniture, sorting out silverware, and organizing your book collection. But, we have a better idea for you. Why not take your moving boxes and transform them into something more? Here are the 5 fun ideas we found this week for re-using your moving boxes. There is a little something for the whole family! 


1. Rockstar guitar - give your kids that guitar they have always wanted. Maybe start a family band?

Guitar Moving Box

2. Moving announcements - what better way to let your friends and family know you have moved?

Moving Box Announcements

3. A castle for your princess - every little girl needs her own fort! Make her a castle and you will forever be a king in her eyes. 

Moving Box Castle

4. The perfect costume - let your boy be a condusctor for a day with this simple Thomas the Train get up!

Moving Box Costume

5. Prime hideout - need a place to escape? Possibly a reading nook? Add a few lights for ambiance and you have yourself a secret spot!

Moving Box Hideout