College Extras

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This past week has been filled with college students moving into their dorms and newly rented apartments. We've all been through the process of moving and settling into a new place. Sometimes we need to buy extra furniture.

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It's another way to get rid of the extra clutter around the house. Think of it as 'fall cleaning' and making some extra cash while doing it since these are college essentials. Here are some items college students are always looking for and tips on how/where to sell them!


1. College students need the essentials, or so called 'college musts'. These include:

mini fridgedesk lampdesktv standfutoncar for sale

Mini fridge

Desk lamp 


Tv stand


Box spring

Twin sized bed



Even Cars!


2. They don't mind if it's used or has a few scratches, as long as it does the job

Most college students don't really care if the new futon matches the blinds. They just want something to sit on or sleep on. If they bought new furniture, it would probably get scratched up when they have friends over anyway.


3. They will come and pick it up

One of the perks of selling items to college students, they will almost always come and pick it up themselves.


4. Use Craigslist and Facebook

The best time to post your items would preferably be after 12PM for obvious reasons (college students tend to sleep in). Try to see if you can get into the 'Free and For Sale' groups in Facebook. These are group pages dedicated to selling anything college students need. Keep the conversation going by replying to people who have commented on your post, this ensures visibility and draws more attention to your post. Don't be afraid to post during early morning (only if you can stay up past 12).


5. Wipe it down before you sell it

It doesn't have to be spotless clean. Just make sure the item doesn't look like it has been sitting in a storage unit for the past 5 years.


If for some reason you cannot sell your old furniture, keep it! You may still want to use them in the future. If you have no space in your house to store them, try to putting them in a nearby storage facility. Check out the locations where American Self Storage facilities are operating here.