Busting 7 Myths about Self Storage

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Last week, we talked about self storage in horror movies. This week, let’s move away from the screen and go back to reality! What are some common myths about self storage?


Myth #1: Storage facilities are scary and weird people (or creatures) live there. self-storage-movie

Truth: Unlike those scary movie scenes, many self storage facilities are actually very simple and ordinary. It’s illegal to live in a storage unit, so you don’t have to worry about weirdoes! Even though some people still try to manage that because they can’t afford housing elsewhere, managers will do their best to prevent squatters. 


Myth #2: Nobody uses storage facilities. Why would people store their junks?

Truth: Do you know that 8.96% of all American households currently rent a self storage unit? According to Self Storage Association, that’s 10.85 million people! Also, America is the No.1 storage empire in the world. Many people use self storage to store furniture when they remodel their houses, or when their kids move back in. People also store their sports equipment, cars, or even clothes in storage units.

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Myth #3: Storage facilities are not safe, and my stuff will be stolen if I use them.

Truth: Although storage theft is not uncommon in the news (it’s news after all!), modern self storage facilities have use advanced technologies to prevent property loss. Most well maintained facilities have lighting, fencing, security cameras, electronic gate access, on-site managers, and individual alarmed units, too. It is our mission at American Self Storage to protect your belongings with our top of the line security.





Myth #4: Storage units are dirty and nobody cleans them.

Truth: Far from the myth, many storage facilities are clean and well maintained. Storage units always come clean when you first move in. They are, in fact, even cleaner than your garage or basement!



Myth #5: Storage prices are non-negotiable.

Truth: like many other businesses, the monthly price of a storage unit can be negotiated sometimes, especially when the facility is not full of tenants. Many self storage facilities also offer discounts to special personnel and customers who pay on time each month. Here at American Self Storage, we offer exclusive discounts for military personnel.



Myth #6: Storage insurance is absolutely necessary!

Truth: Insurance is absolutely necessary, but storage insurance is probably not. Chances are you might already have coverage from your pre-existing homeowners, renters, or business insurance. Just bring your proof of insurance that cover off-site storage to a facility. Here, we also offer a protection plan for your extremely valuable items.



Myth #7: Anyone can manage a facility.

Truth: This is so not true. Manager of a facility usually go through a considerable amount of training because they are in charge of a wide array of tasks. Their job responsibilities include: cash handling, bookkeeping, serving customers, marketing and selling, and filing documents. All of our on-site managers are carefully chosen, interviewed and they are very knowledge about storage.