Clothing to Bring to Phoenix

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Desert Botanical Garden-Phoenix 

Moving to Phoenix? If so, get prepared for the desert weather. Newcomers to a city encased within a desert environment usually find themselves confused when it comes to what type of clothing to bring with them. Most people believe a desert is literally a hot, dry, arid environment, but it definitely gets a little more complicated than that. Here the answers to some frequently asked questions.

Do I need winter clothing?
Yes. During the summer, you might be sweating and dying from the heat, but wait until you hit the winter season. Hot days almost immediately change into freezing nights. Temperatures can drop to the 30s at night and you will be able to notice frost in different parts of the Valley. Especially during the winter, you will be able to experience over 40 degree changes between day and night. So, remember to bring your warm clothing, such as winter coasts, scarves, gloves, etc.

Do Phoenix companies require different company attire?
Certain companies have summer wardrobe exceptions, but these alterations vary between different companies. However, numerous companies allow women to wear pantyhose and recommend slacks during the summer months. However, cropped pants or capris are unacceptable. Regarding men, companies usually enforce a no necktie policy and may even allow golf shirts during the summer months. Often, you will see police and fire men and women dressed in shorts as part of their uniforms. Overall, Phoenix usually has more casual dress codes and policies than other large cities.

What should I do with my sweaters?
Keep them. The desert possesses an unstable weather that could change suddenly. Burning can turn to freezing and vice versa. Be prepared for the worst. You don't want 90 degrees suddenly change to 40 degrees at night and be missing any form of sweater or warm clothing.

Summer clothing in Phoenix?
Wear loose fitting clothing that allows your body to breathe, such as clothing made from cotton or linen fabrics. Usually, you'll see people walking around in shorts, T-shirts, and tank tops. Always be sure to wear sunscreen to protect your skin and sunglasses to protect your eyes. In addition, bring hats and baseball caps to protect your face from the sun.

What do I do with my black clothing?
Black clothing is not worn as often as in other cities, but keep them regardless. Unless you work outside, such as landscaping or construction, you can wear black. Just make sure that your clothing is loose and breathable.

What about Shoes?
Unless you're going to work, people usually wear sandals or flip flops. In addition, you will notice that people in Phoenix wear more running shores and sneakers than in other large cities.

I don't want to look like I'm an outsider. Any tips?
Arizonans are very good at deciphering the differences between an outsider and a native. For example, if you get sunburnt easily or wear tanks during 65 degree temperature at winter, they will know you are an outsider.