Movies about Self Storage

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What's on your mind when you think of self storage?

If the first image that comes into your mind is some weirdo serial killer with something to hide, or a monster haunting an abandoned unit, you are not alone! Maybe it's Hollywood's fault that we think this way! Let's take a look at recent movies about self storage.


1. Blood Shed (2014)

Blood Shed Movie

Loosely based on the true events, Blood Shed features the story of a homeless loner who moves into a self-storage facility. However, little does he know that a deranged woman has been hunting the facility's visitors in an attempt to regain the child that was stolen from her. So when the facility gets locked for the night, he and other homeless visitors find themselves trapped and hunted down, completely at the mercy of the tortured woman's gruesome attacks. Stars Gabriel De Santi, Bree Essrig, and Cherie Daly.


2. Self Storage (2013)

self-storage movie

Starring Eric Roberts, Michael Berryman, Tom DeNucci and Jonathan Silverman, Self Storage is a 2013 horror-comedy set in storage facilities.

Plot summary from iTunes:
Looking to party, Jake, a night watchman, invites his friends to the self-storage facility he works at for a wild night of girls and booze. As partiers start disappearing one-by-one, the survivors must outsmart a mastermind, whose horrifying plan is unfolding behind closed doors. Full of gore, suspense and terror, Self Storage is a twisted tale of survival with no way out.


3. Storage 24 (2012)

storage 24 movie

With London on lockdown after a military cargo plane crash, four friends are trapped in the Storage 24 facility - a dark maze of endless corridors - with a mysterious predator hunting them one by one.


It's not a coincidence that most of the movies featuring self storage are horror movies. As the myth goes, self storage is for hiding secrets. This is of course not true. You know you are not hiding something when you rent a unit! Next week, we will debunk all other myths about self storage. Stay tuned for our updates!