Tips to Properly Storing your Alcohol in Self-Storage

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Many people store their alcohol in their household cabinets. Others store them in the basement or attic. But how about a self-storage unit? With a climate controlled storage unit, you have the ability to free up storage space at your home and safely store alcohol in a secure place that is consistently providing an ideal environment. Here are some tips and advice to properly storing your alcohol within self-storage units:

1. Remember to store your alcohol in a climate-controlled environment. The temperature should never reach above 65 degrees as this will cause wine to age prematurely. For those of you who know your alcohol, when wine ages prematurely, it loses its overall balance and flavor, so make sure your climate controlled storage unit provides the optimal temperature to preserve your stash.

2. Why do people store their alcohol in basements, cabinets, or even wine coolers? Liquor needs to be kept in a cool, dry environment. Sunlight is harmful to the aging process of liquor as it affects the overall chemical balance. If the chemical balances are off in your liquor, it will go bad quicker. For example, drink a beer that has been chilled in the fridge and, then, drink a beer that has been left in the sunlight for awhile. If you notice, beer left in the sunlight tastes stale, almost like soda that has been left open for some time, while beer chilled in the fridge gives you that refreshing, uplifting taste. Besides a cool, dry environment, another tip would be to make sure that the storage unit lights are off when it is filled with alcohol.

3. Besides providing the optimal environment for liquor, you must also have the right storage container. If not, alcohol will age too quickly or not age at all. For example, make sure your whiskey is stored in oak barrels to maintain that charred, smokey taste as it continues to age. Wine must be uncorked in order to keep the spirits in the bottle, so do not place any half-finished bottles in self-storage units. If this is done properly, when you extract your alcohol from self-storage you will be able to fully enjoy its tastes and effects. Until then, make sure to follow all these precautionary steps!