Self-Storage Security Continually Evolving Through High-Tech Implementation

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Mainly for security, self-storage facilities are constantly updating their structures with newer technology. Now, self-storage facilities boast cloud-based security management, mobile apps, and wireless technology, which presents numerous benefits:

  • Centralized administration that can be digitally performed from remote locations
  • Constant live monitoring
  • Email notifications.
  • Lower costs.

As technology continues to grow within these self-storage facilities, customers can experience a more efficient and secure service. A state-of-the-art security system not only provides absolute protection for clients' belongings, but allow self-storage facilities to maximize their prices. With the advancements in technology, self-storage facilities are embracing wireless amenities and products to increase the value of their units. Wireless door alarms are already implemented by PTI and QuickStor. Some of the benefits are:

  • No wires
  • No access necessary for individual units
  • Cheaper installation and maintenance

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In addition to wireless door alarms, self-storage facilities are starting to develop mobile apps in which self-storage owners or managers can operate a facility remotely. For example, if a self-storage owner was on vacation in Hawaii, he or she could check who is coming in and out of the property through his or her phone's mobile app. At the click of a button, the gate can be opened, the lights can be turned on, and video surveillance can be monitored in high resolution. Not only does it provide the self-storage facility manager with the utmost resources necessary to overlooking a wide range of self-storage units, but it provides customers with the comfort that all their belongings are being protected 24/7. After all, what is self-storage without security? Just a treasure trove for criminals.


Security is one of the most important aspects of a self-storage facility, but it is worthless unless the managers or owners monitor these security systems frequently and consistently. However, the majority of self-storage owners have embraced this digital movement. Remember, when purchasing a self-storage unit, look at a self-storage facility as a complete package. Don't just get wowed by individual security components; add all of them up to measure the value of the self-storage facility. In other words, check to see if the self-storage facility has cameras, gates, internal monitors, internal software, security guards, etc. and add them up into one total package. Security is most efficient and effective when organized in a 'layered' approach, thereby, increasing the value of the self-storage facility and ensuring the absolute protection for your stored belongings.