Self Storage Uses for Sales Representatives

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sales representativeSales representatives for pharmaceutical and insurance companies as well as retail and internet sales companies have a big responsibility. In a way, they are the face of the company that they represent. They are the people who are responsible for getting new clients or customers interested in the products or services offered by their company and keeping the current clients and customers content. As a part of their job, they may have quite a bit of stuff that they need to keep readily accessible. This is where a self storage unit can be very beneficial in helping them keep everything organized and in one place.

Often sales representatives have samples of the products as well as catalogs that depict pictures, prices, and short descriptions of everything that their company can offer the customers. They must keep an adequate supply of samples and advertising products such as pens that show the company name and phone number. It is important that they have all of this handy so that they can be ready whenever they have a meeting with a new or established client or customer. Keeping all of these things in a self storage unit is more practical than keeping them in the trunk of sales representative's vehicle or cluttering the small amount of office space that they may have.

Another important part of the sales representative's job is keeping accurate records of their customers and even the potential customers that they have contacted. Although this can be handled electronically, it is not always convenient. Often the sales representatives will originally have paperwork when they deal with their clients and then transfer the information to a computer. The original documents are then stored for tax or other purposes. These documents can accumulate quickly and placing them in sturdy document boxes in a climate controlled self storage unit will keep them in good condition until they are needed again without filling up office space.

Sales representatives need to keep up with the advances in their market. This involves participating in trade shows either as an observer or a demonstrator. If they are attending the trade show to gather information, then they can easy organize and store things in the self storage unit. If they are a demonstrator, then they need to have their presentation equipment, company literature, and other things that are needed, which all can be stored together in the self storage unit.