Safely Storing Antiques and Heirlooms

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antiqueOften people have possessions that have been passed on from one generation to the next for quite some time. These items may include antique dolls, family made patchwork quilts, antique pieces of furniture, old family pictures, and family bibles, as well as other items that have a high sentimental value and are considered irreplaceable. There may also be other antique items that the person has purchased at an auction or through another source and want to preserve due to their monetary or historical value. These might include coins or pieces of currency that is no longer in circulation or documents from the past. No matter what type of antique or heirloom items are involved, a self storage unit can provide a safe and secure environment for these items so that they do not take up too much of the living space in the home.

Since antiques and heirlooms are usually considered irreplaceable, every precaution needs to be taken to preserve their condition so that they will last as long as possible. For this reason it is best to be sure that the self storage unit is one that has a controlled climate. This means that the temperature will usually be kept between sixty and seventy degrees with the humidity level around fifty percent. By regulating the temperature and humidity in the storage unit the antique and heirloom items can be protected from being damaged by such things as rust, mold, yellowing, and warping.

After a proper self storage unit has been rented, the heirlooms and antiques need to be packed in a way that does not cause them damage over the time that they are stored. It is important that everything be properly cleaned before storing or it could result in stains and quicker deterioration. Details for proper cleaning of each type of antique or heirloom can be found by doing an internet search or calling a professional that deals with the particular type of item. If the items include things made of material, it is best if they are stored in containers or on rust free hangers without being folded. If that is not possible due to the size or shape of the item, then any folding should be done loosely with acid free paper or muslin cloth between the layers. The container where the items are stored should be opaque and also lined with the acid free paper or muslin cloth to protect the heirloom materials.