Properly Storing Electrical Devices

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television setElectrical devices, such as computers, televisions, and stereos need special care when they are being placed in a self storage unit. If they are not taken care of properly, they could become damaged or in some other way be inoperable when they are retrieved for use in the home or office.

The best way to protect computers, televisions, stereos and other electrical devices is to repackage it the way that it was sold in the store. This means using the original box and all of the packing materials such as the Styrofoam pieces that are specifically shaped to hold the various parts of the device. Unfortunately, people will often discard all of this when they initially open the container holding the electrical device because they either do not have additional space to store it or they are not planning to move and do not think that it may be needed in the future. If this is the case, then a sturdy cardboard box of nearly the same size can be substituted along with adequate padding to protect the electrical device. 

When the electrical device is being packed for placement in a self storage unit, it should be dismantled into the same parts as it was when originally purchased. All electrical cords should be bundled and secured. Any hardware such as screws should be placed in a zippered bag and labeled as to where they go on the device. In addition, any parts that remain attached but are capable of movement, such as record player arms, should be secured in place so that they do not get damaged or cause damage to other parts of the device.

Some electrical devices are very susceptible to damage due to drastic temperature changes. Therefore, it is best if the self storage unit has a controlled climate. This is especially important if the storage facility is in an area that has temperatures that range from very cold to very hot because the temperature in the self storage unit will remain about the same throughout the year. This type of self storage unit is usually priced a little higher than the regular units, but the additional cost is usually much less than replacing damaged electrical devices.

When the boxes containing electrical devices are placed in the unit, it is important to be sure that there is no possibility of them falling. They should be placed on firm surfaces or other boxes that will not collapse.