Storing Indoor and Outdoor Tools and Equipment

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lawn mowerIndoor and outdoor tools and equipment includes such things as brooms, rakes, lawn mowers, and vacuum cleaners. Even though these items seem durable, they need to be stored properly in order for them to be ready to use whenever they are removed from the storage unit.

One of the main problems with storing the long handled tools such as brooms and rakes is the fact that they can easily fall over if leaned against a wall. This can possibly cause injury to anyone in the storage unit if they get hit with it or if they trip over one that has fallen to the floor unnoticed. A great way to keep these items from falling down is to secure them together in bundles and place the bundles in a large outdoor garbage can with the handles of the tools pointing down into the garbage can. This will not only keep them in one place, but it will also make it easy to select the right one when retrieving it from storage. Another purpose for storing them in this manner is that it will protect the heads of the tools. This is especially important for brooms because if they are stored on their heads, the bristles would eventually bend under their own weight and the broom will no longer be able to sweep properly.

When storing a vacuum cleaner or other equipment that collects indoor or outdoor debris, it is important that the disposable collection bag be removed and discarded properly or the storage compartment be emptied, cleaned, and dried. If the collection compartment is a cloth bag, it should be sprayed with a hose and allowed to dry before storing it. Throwing away disposable collection bags and cleaning the ones that are not disposable is done so that the collected debris does not begin to rot while it is in storage. In addition, it prevents the scent of the debris from attracting vermin that are looking for something to eat or a cozy place to nest.

It is a law, not just storage company policy, that all fuel powered tools and equipment are drained of their fuel before they are put in a storage unit. Even a small amount of fuel can lead to a possible explosion or escalate an otherwise easily contained fire at the storage facility. In addition, it is illegal to keep containers of fuel in the storage unit.