Where to Store a Boat?

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Summer’s here. You are probably planning a trip with your friends or family, and wondering what to do with your boat. The truth is storing a boat takes effort and money. Don’t wait till the last minute! The more work you put into storing a boat, the easier you can get it back in water. Let’s take a look at some options about boat storage out there.


Small to Midsize Boat Storage

Smaller-size boats typically have more storage options than larger boats. But all of these options have pros and cons, which one is the best for you depends on your storage needs and financial resources.


The most economical way to store a boat is to put it on a trailer and park it inside your garage or backyard. Tip: cover the boat to keep rain, falling leaves and critters out of it.

trailer boat parking

Dry Rack
Also known as boatyard, this method uses a forklift truck to hoist boats into multi-story storage racks. These specialized storage facilities usually located near a body of water, and provides maintenance and winterization service. The pros are that your boat is protected against weather damage and theft, and you can service or repair your boat here. However, because of its convenience, dry rack is relatively expensive.

dry rack

Self Storage
Another option is to store your boat in a self storage facility. Many facilities offer climate controlled storage units that keep the temperature consistent over time. This is perfect for long term storage. If you want easy access to your boat, you can also park them in storage facilities. Many facilities nowadays offer covered RV parking, with dump and wash stations. Click here to learn more about American Self Storage’ RV storage and parking options.

boat storage

Having a boat slip at a marina is extremely convenient, as the boat remains in the water ready to launch. This is the most popular summer storage option. Some marinas, however, are extremely expensive to store at because they offer a club experience, where members have access to parties and share facilities at the dock. Light maintenance and winter storage are also available at marinas.



Large Boat Storage
For yachts or boats larger than 32 feet long, storing them at a marina is the only option because it is impractical to move such a large boat around.